Ways To Make School A Positive Experience For Your Little Ones!

Shopping for school shoes? Do your part to make your children more comfortable when they’re in the classroom! Students of all ages have to deal with a full day of lessons (five days a week, just like work!) and sports games or club activities on top of that.  If they’re unhappy with their school shoes or uncomfortable wearing them, then they are not going to find their week any less stressful. 


After all, there is not much that you can do to make their day easier from your end. It’s up to students alone to keep on top of their hectic self-imposed schedule and to make sure that their work gets done. But, you can do your part to support their learning by providing the best school shoes for the job! 


What can you do to make things more manageable for your kids? We’re so glad you asked! Listen up, because Everflex is about to give you a crash course on the aspects of school shoes that are crucial for a student’s best comfort and performance! 

Support is essential for students!


An uncomfortable pair of school shoes will only exacerbate the stress brought on by a busy week, so you must treat your children to the best support. Every Everflex style incorporates supportive elements, but can also give kids extra cushioning by using our innersoles! 


You can’t say no to additional padding in school shoes, especially if your child has a day loaded with tough classes and extracurricular activities. Both our fabric and gel innersoles can get cut down to size, so they are guaranteed to fit inside your child’s pair. These inserts provide arch support and help absorb shock throughout the day; considering that kids spend all day in school shoes, innersoles offer instant benefits. 

School shoes need proper tread and groove on the soles! 


The soles are also an important feature, as this facilitates a secure grip. Unless your school shoes have a proper grip, your kids will end up sliding around or losing their footing. During wintertime, when the rain makes footpaths wet and slippery, you’ll want your kids to be surefooted. So, before you add any school shoes to your shopping cart this season, ensure that you assess the soles! This will stay safe while they focus on their studies! 


Is your child involved in any team sports? If so, you should also remember to examine the tread on active school shoes. Most kids get involved with some sort of out-of-hours activity, and almost all of them take part in regular PE or fitness lessons during the week. Knowing this, it should be evident that they are going to need some high-tier sneakers in their collection of school shoes.


Everflex has all sorts of sneakers and trainers that you can try this season, including ones with laced uppers and others with touch-fastening top straps. Because each of Everflex’s school shoes comes in a broad spread of sizes, kids of all ages can pick and choose from our array of designs.

Pick a design that your kids love!


Our third (and final) feature to watch out for is the overall design of the school shoes! If you want your kids to truly enjoy their new pair, then you’ll need to make sure that they love the style. Everflex has a whole host of classroom styles, including traditional school shoes and Mary-Jane sandals. We also have a mix of casual and active trainers. Give your little student a chance to look at the Everflex range before you make your final purchase, and they won’t have any complaints about their new school shoes! 

Now, who’s ready for a new pair?


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