Ways To Maintain School Shoes All Year Long!

Maintain your kids’ school shoes like a professional this season!

Today, Everflex is coming in hard with some handy tips and advice for you to follow. We’ll make sure that your kids’ school shoes can last until your children outgrow them! 

Smarten up with the Instant Shine Sponge! 

Instead of wasting money on a new kids’ school shoes when the current ones still fit, you can make your existing pair shine like a recent purchase! Our Instant Shine Sponge will make quick work of cleaning and won’t create any extra mess for you. The sponge works dry, which means you can uncover it and start scrubbing off your kids’ school shoes straight away. Standard dirt marks and other messes will usually come off after a few swipes back and forth. If your kids’ school shoes have some tougher markers or patchy material on that needs covering up, then the Instant Shine Sponge can serve as your initial preparation before you come back in with a coating of polish. Either way, this handy sponge will be a great help when you have footwear that you want to clean. Besides, it’s not just helpful for your kids’ school shoes. Instant Shine works on all materials and colours so you can freshen up other items in your collection too! 

Tell your children to take care of their kids’ school shoes! 

The most common way that children ruin the material on their footwear is by scuffing them on the ground.

The first reason that this happens is that your little student has kids’ school shoes that are too big for their feet, and this is causing them to trip or stumble. Some parents habitually buy oversized styles so that their children can grow into them. After all, choosing extra-big kids’ school shoes is an appealing money-saving scheme when your children hit a major spurt. But, to do this right, you need to fill the space in the meantime. Adding a gel or comfort foam innersole to your kids’ school shoes will reduce the depth inside, making slips a lot less likely. Also, these spongy inserts feel great and cushion feet effectively. During hectic days, students will get to enjoy longer-lasting comfort instead of suffering through aches and pains. 

The other way that kids’ school shoes get scuffed and marked is during class time. Students of all ages can get restless during lessons, and sometimes that manifests into their unconscious behaviour. For example, they might rub the tops of their kids’ school shoes against the carpet, or the edge of their desk. So, if you see material has been scratched off of the toes of your kids’ school shoes, remind them to be mindful of how they sit in class. Once your children are somewhat aware of what they’re doing, they should catch themselves when they’re grating the top of their kids’ school shoes and stop.

A spare set of laces wouldn’t hurt either!

While our synthetic, leather, and combination materials can stand the test of time, laces can be tricky. At Everflex, we strive to make every inch of our kids’ school shoes as enduring as possible, but there’s no helping it sometimes. So, if the laces on your child’s pair start to fray, thin, or start looking mangy, then you’ll be glad to have some replacements nearby! After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry. The next time you buy kids’ school shoes from us, add some of our black shoelaces into your shopping cart as well! They’re easy to switch out, and a new set of laces can make all the difference to the look of your child’s pair.

We hope we’ve helped you

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