Ways To Improve Your Daughter’s School Uniform

Does your child need a uniform upgrade?

Don’t let your little student walk around in subpar girls’ school shoes! At Everflex, we understand how vital a put-together uniform is for a student. So, we’re going to cover everything you should know about maintaining your girls’ school shoes.

Why is it important that girls’ school shoes look presentable?

Scuffed and dirty girls’ school shoes are not a good look. Footwear makes all the difference to an outfit, and you don’t want a lovely uniform brought down by an abysmal-looking pair. It’s embarrassing for the kids that have to wear those girls’ school shoes, even before teachers call them out for poor dress standards in front of their peers. However, the importance of a tidy uniform goes beyond the image.

The fact is, uniforms are excellent practice for later life. Even if they don’t appreciate the lessons yet, kids will learn how to dress neatly, maintain their appearance, and look professional with their uniforms and girls’ school shoes. Once young adults start entering the workforce and their first part-time jobs, these are essential skills. Sloppy-looking teens aren’t going to get hired, and scruffy clothes will get them fired. Kids reap the benefits when they learn to take care of girls’ school shoes and uniforms early.

If your child’s set needs a clean, then we can help with that too! 

We’d be happy to help you clean up your existing set! Everflex’s range of accessories carries several care products for our styles. If your girls’ school shoes need a polish or a clean, then there’s nothing better than our Instant Shine Sponge! This sponge works dry, so we removed the mess of sticky waxes and skin-staining polishes. Take off the cover, scrub over the surface of your girls’ school shoes with the Instant Shine Sponge, and watch the dirt, dust, and blemishes disappear! Your child’s pair will get a face-lift in seconds, and it’s easy enough for kids to do themselves. And, while your girls’ school shoes should be looking stellar again, you can add some extra gloss with a polish afterwards if necessary.

Replace worn-down styles 

Sometimes, a new set is unavoidable. No parent wants to buy a new pair when the current ones still fit. However, if your girls’ school shoes are riddled with holes or scraped beyond salvaging, then it’s time to trade them out. Luckily, if you shop with us, you’ll get the next set at a bargain price. Our girls’ school shoes are affordable for any family budget, while our frequent sales and promotions make saving effortless. There’s no excuse to pass these up. We might not convince you that scuffed girls’ school shoes need replacing, but Everflex’s low price point might!

Use our innersoles to correct the fit

Stop your kids from looking like clowns with our innersoles! Getting new girls’ school shoes in a too-big size is a popular way to save while your children are growing. However, an oversized pair can slip, make kids trip, and cause foot problems. Everflex has the solution! Our gel and foam inner sole slide straight inside your girls’ school shoes and provide an extra layer. Innersoles help fill gaps and improve the fit, while also adding spongey support for little feet. Girls’ school shoes always look better when they fit best, and this is a fast, convenient, and cheap way to fix those problems.

We hope this little guide has been helpful!

For extra tips or an up-close look at our best girls’ school shoes, browse Everflex’s online store today. You’re sure to find a style that satisfies your student!