Ways To Improve The Longevity Of Your School Shoes!

Do you want to increase the lifespan of your kids’ new school shoes? Unlock the secrets to success in this helpful Everflex article! Here’s what you need to do:


  • Keep school shoes clean!



If you want your children to get their fair share of wear out of their new pair, then you’ll need to maintain the quality of the material. Everflex’s school shoes come in synthetic and leather versions, and we have cleaning products designed to suit both materials! Our first fantastic cleaner is the Instant Shine Sponge! Uncap this handheld sponge, scrub dirty school shoes for a minute or two, and they’ll be good as new soon enough. 


While you don’t need polish or wax to use the Instant Shine Sponge, we recommend using them afterwards for an extra glossy finish! Dubbin is our go-to polish! This neutral-toned solution will help waterproof, condition, and protect leather (faux or otherwise). With Everflex’s accessories around to keep school shoes in their prime, they’re sure to last longer for your children!


  • Replace raggedy laces and hole-covered socks!



Are the laces on your child’s school shoes looking sad, frayed, and ugly? There’s no point buying a new pair when the laces are the only problem! Instead, grab a pack of spare laces from Everflex, swap the new set into their school shoes, and solve the problem in an instant! That’s another easy way to keep footwear in the best condition for longer. 


Now, what about socks? Sweat is not great for your child’s school shoes, so ensure that their socks are in good shape! Everflex has dozens of great value packs available, including classic white uniform socks, sporty ankle socks, and more! If you notice that your kids’ socks are looking thin or have big holes in the bottom, then grab a pack from our accessories range, and keep your child’s school shoes safe! 


  • Pick a durable style for your teenagers!



A regular teenager has a busy weekly schedule, let alone one who has a job to work on the side as well. If you’re buying school shoes for a young adult, then they’ll need a comfortable, durable, and versatile pair that can keep up with the demands of their most hectic days. Here at Everflex, we recommend slip-resistant school shoes for most teens. 


These designs get built for comfort, with arch support, shock-absorbing features, and flexible soles. Of course, they’re also tough, with non-marking rubber outsoles, grooved soles for the best grip, and robust material. If you’re looking to increase the life of your child’s next pair, but also want them to wear their school shoes to work, then picking a durable non-slip design is the way to go! 


  • Add some innersoles inside your child’s school shoes!



There are all sorts of reasons to give your kids’ style innersoles or other inserts. For starters, they’ll provide a spongy and supportive base for your child’s feet, which is perfect for school shoes. After all, they do wear the same pair day-in and day-on during the semester. 


Secondly, innersoles can help protect the lining of your child’s school shoes. Not only are kids wearing at the inside when they get restless and start wiggling their feet around during class, but they’ll also be sweating into the soles.


Having that extra layer of protection between your kids’ feet and their school shoes will prevent the material inside from deteriorating or starting to smell (especially during summer!). 

Use our tips and tricks this semester!


Now that you’ve finished reading about ways to keep school shoes in prime condition, hopefully, you’ll take advantage of one of these methods in 2021. Check our website for more tips. Good luck!