Ways to Get Your Kids to Love Their School Shoes

Kids’ school shoes don’t have to be a bore! Are your children less than enthused by their uniform footwear? Well then, let the team at Everflex help you pep them up and change their attitude. After all, they’ll be wearing kids’ school shoes until their either old enough to graduate to adult styles or finish up with their studies. That’s a long, long time (years, in fact) to hold a bias against footwear, so let’s aim to break this bad habit early! 


Remind your children that kids’ school shoes can be fun!


One method that works with younger children is to build up a positive association. Negative feelings about kids’ school shoes are harder to hold onto once you start breaking some of the stereotypes. So, for a start, let your children wear their sneakers and trainers for playtime on the weekends. Being able to relax and play as they like in their kids’ school shoes should help turn things around. 


If your little students are wary of classroom pair, then you can do the same with them too. Not only will wearing their feet get more used to the new set, but they’ll start linking kids’ school shoes to fun experiences and environments outside of the classroom. This positive reinforcement should stop them from getting fussy when they have to wear them during the week. 


Clean and glossy kids’ school shoes will keep everyone happy


Another reason that students resent their uniform is the strict rule-enforcement by teachers. Rebellion is the natural course to take when you always hear teachers and parents harping on about clean and tidy uniforms. And, unfortunately, sometimes the penalties for scruffy presentation and dirty kids’ school shoes can be extreme. If you missed out on your lunch break or got chewed out in front of your friends, wouldn’t you be a bit resentful? Still, the most straightforward course of action here is avoiding punishments in the first place.


At Everflex, our Instant Shine Sponge is the best cleaner available for kids’ school shoes. The sponge works dry, it takes a second to use, and you don’t need to worry about things getting messy. With the Instant Shine Sponge ready to smarten up your kids’ school shoes, they’ll be looking fresh in record time. And, those freshly-cleaned or newly-polished pair will keep strict teachers at bay.  


Is comfort the real issue?


Your children wear their kids’ school shoes over eight hours a day, five times a week, for most of the year. If they aren’t happy with the fit or feel of their footwear, then they’ve got the right to complain about it. While comfort is rarely an issue with Everflex’s kids’ school shoes (we’re known for cosy pairs!), we’ve got a whole host of foot care accessories that can solve those issues immediately. 


Fabric innersoles are one-size-fits-all designs that can cover the entire length of your child’s foot. The fit is flexible, which means that you can cut them down as necessary to fit inside of your kids’ school shoes. Half innersoles and heel grips can also provide much-needed padding in problem areas too. Children will love the feel of these inserts and the long-lasting comfort that their kids’ school shoes will enjoy in the meantime. 


If your children continue to complain about sore feet, we’d recommend that you consult a podiatrist. Our kids’ school shoes and foot care accessories work wonders for regular aches and pains, but medically-prescribed orthodontics may be the only solution for more advanced issues. 


Help your children love their kids’ school shoes!


Hopefully, you’ve found your answer. Still, if you’d like more advice on sorting out kids’ school shoes, then leaf through some of our other articles!