Versatile Boys School Shoes That'll Take You from the Classroom to the Sporting Field

When trying to find the perfect boys school shoes like black school shoes and brown school shoes for your son, there are many factors to consider. As a result, it can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially if your son does not generally enjoy wearing his typical boy school shoes.


We have noticed within the education field that active kids need kids shoes that can take them from the classroom to the sporting field with ease. This tip is a must for active kids because wearing the wrong kids shoes during learning and play can affect their growth and development. 


Wearing the incorrect kids shoes can also impact the way your child walks, so finding the best pair of descent school shoes is in your best interest – and your active kids too. To save you the time and effort of hunting for the perfect pair of boy’s school shoes, we have gathered a selection of wide fit kids shoes that can easily take your son from the classroom to the sporting field.


Check out our featured items below to gather some inspiration on choosing your son’s next pair of versatile boy’s school shoes.


Touch-fastening Boy’s School Shoes!


If you want to have a pair of wide fit kids school shoes that offers flexibility and comfort, then you have come to the right place. Touch-fastening descent school shoes are the perfect style of kids shoes for active kids. The way these boy’s school shoes tie-up will ensure that your son’s feet do not fall out of the kids shoes or become loose during the day. No parent enjoys coming home to a son who is missing one-half of his boy’s school shoes.


Your son can easily play throughout recess and lunch with ease when they wear touch-fastening descent school shoes. These boy’s school shoes are also great for those children who are not confident in tying up their laces just yet.


This process can be a thing in the works for a long time, so investing in a pair of slip resistant and touch-fastening kids school shoes will save you plenty of tantrums during your early morning rush. Touch-fastening kids shoes are super comfortable as well.


Your son will have minimal complaints when wearing this look of wide fit casual shoes, all thanks to the thick soles and padding around the ankles. However, if your son is unsure if he will enjoy wearing the boy’s school shoes, this is the perfect pair of wide fit casual shoes for him.


All-white Sneakers!


For active kids, it is necessary to find the most supportive, slip resistant and comfortable kids shoes possible. This tip helps to prevent injuries or lost casual shoes during the day of learning and play.


Investing in a pair of casual shoes that will take him straight from the classroom to the sporting field with ease will not only make his day more enjoyable but yours as well. But, unfortunately, it can be difficult for parents to find the perfect pair of descent school shoes for their active kids.


We know the struggle of liaising with your child over the correct pair of wide fit kids school shoes to buy. Our recommendation is to grab some all-white sports shoes. These offer a flare of individuality and style, as well as remaining super supportive, slip resistant, and comfortable for all of your son's sporting activities.


If your son’s school allows a relaxed uniform policy with wide fit casual shoes, then take advantage of that freedom and invest in some super cool descent school shoes. If your son approves of the all-white sneakers and sports shoes, jumping onto that bandwagon is a great idea.


These sneakers will keep your son’s feet secured and protected all day long. The only downfall to all-white sneakers for active kids is that they will become dirty very quickly.


This issue is easy to fix as you can throw them in the washing machine or scrub them in a bucket of warm, soapy water to remove any dirt. Your son will love his stylish, all-white casual shoes at first sight.


Canvas Sneakers!


Do you have a fussy son when it comes to selecting his next pair of boy’s school shoes? Then, we have the perfect wide fit kids shoes for you. Canvas sneakers are the style of boy’s school shoes that will leave any fussy child speechless.


Canvas sneakers come in a range of colours and styles, but following your son’s uniform guidelines will be your best bet to buying the perfect pair of descent school shoes. Canvas sneakers are worn in an all-black design by active kids who love to learn and play.


These boy’s school shoes feature a flat sole, breathable material, and rubber coverage on the toes. With all of these features combined, the canvas sneakers become the perfect go-to kids school shoes.


Thanks to the breathability and flat sole, these casual shoes are great for active kids and allow them to go straight from the classroom to the lunchtime footy game with ease. In addition, seeing as these boy’s school shoes are super versatile, they can even get worn outside of the class. 


So if your son takes part in extracurricular activities, he can do so without having to worry about changing his wide fit casual shoes.


This tip makes the after school rush a whole lot easier – for your son and the parents!


Pretty In Print!


Change things up on the soccer pitch with a pair of super cool, printed boy’s school shoes. These descent school shoes are popular amongst friends due to the cool patterns and recognisable characters on the kids shoes.


Printed sneakers are the best for young active kids as it keeps them energised and entertained throughout the day. Younger active kids can have difficulty keeping on task and energised, especially after a big lunch full of sport. Allowing them to wear a pair of printed sneakers and sports shoes can give them something to look forward to when learning and motivate them to stay on task.


It’s their favourite superhero who is sitting in class with them. Printed sneakers are also a wicked style of wide fit casual shoes to invest in as they stand out from the rest. Your son will be living his best life in a pair of these descent school shoes.  




Get your son the ultimate pair of wide fit boy’s school shoes with some classic black school shoes and brown school shoes lace-ups. This boy’s school shoe style has been a part of the uniform requirements for as long as we can remember.


They are comfortable, slip-resistant, versatile, and protective for any time of the day when your son takes part in work and play. Lace-ups are super protective thanks to the feature of laces, but they are also made with sturdy material (such as black leather) that can withstand rain, hail, or shine.


These boy’s school shoes look great with summer and winter uniforms, so your son can enjoy running straight from the classroom to the oval in no time with their slip-resistant leather school shoes.   


Does Your Little Boy Need A New Pair Of School Shoes?


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