Velcro School Shoes Are Perfect for Those Fast-paced School Mornings!

After four weeks into a new academic year, parents usually start to get into a cosy rhythm. But things were very different during the first week. Everyone was chaotic and getting used to the new schedule, looking for a missing sock or packing their bag. But the one thing that saved the parents from going crazy was their children's school shoes with touch-fastening straps. Choosing these school shoes was excellent, making fast-paced mornings more bearable.


Fastenings are an essential feature of academic footwear, providing security and adjustability. And while there are various kinds, the touch-fastening straps are one of the easiest. In this article, we'll understand how school shoes with this closure can make life easier for parents and students. 


But before that, you must know where to find excellent options. Everflex has been providing the best options for parents and children. The brand understands what children need at different stages of their learning and ensures they have options to improve those experiences. Everflex school shoes are in a league of their own, providing excellent comfort, support, durability, and affordability. Add the advantages of touch-fastening straps to all these features and expect hassle-free mornings. Learn more about touch-fastening straps now. Let's get started!


What Is a Touch-Fastening Strap?


Touch-fastening straps have several names, like Velcro and hook-and-loop. Early learners usually prefer using school shoes with touch-fastening straps because they are easy to use. The fastener uses two components that lock when pressed together. The hook, which is the rough, scratchy component, engages with the loop, which is the soft and fuzzy component. When pressed together, the touch-fastening straps create a super strong bond, which secures the school shoes.


What Are the Benefits?


As mentioned, busy parents are grateful for its ease of use. It takes seconds to lock, keeping the time spent wearing school shoes during busy mornings to a minimum. You can teach your young child to use it and be an expert within minutes. Teaching them something they can learn quickly gives them more confidence—a step towards independence. They'll proudly look at you and say they did it without your help, which is an achievement.


The second benefit of using school shoes with touch-fastening straps is adjustability, especially if you have an active child. From the morning until the end of the day, they are constantly moving, which causes their feet to swell and require a different fit. With touch-fastening straps, they can tighten or loosen as needed.


What Are the Disadvantages?


Even something as excellent as school shoes with touch-fastening straps has drawbacks. The first is that the closure is attached to the footwear, so you must replace the whole thing once the touch-fastening straps stop working. They will because most touch-fastening straps have a limited number of times your child can close and open them. Once they reach that, the touch-fastening straps lose their adhesion, and the school shoes stop working efficiently. 


Another drawback is the tendency for the straps to collect dirt and other small particles. With such a strong adhesion, it's easy for dirt to stick. And the more particles stuck to them, the harder it is to close the school shoes. You can always clean the straps by plucking each dirt out with tweezers. 


A third drawback of touch-fastening straps is that they stick to other materials and cloth quickly, and when you pull them apart, you can damage the material. It's always critical to be careful where you let your child wear their school shoes because if the straps touch the couch, there's a chance they can get stuck.


The last drawback concerns the loud, distinct noise when pulling apart the touch-fastening straps. It can be distracting and annoying when your child must remove their school shoes in the classroom, playground, or at home.


Why Everflex?


Several brands offer school shoes with touch-fastening straps, but no other brand does it like Everflex. Besides ensuring your child wears academic footwear that supports active learning, Everflex makes the shopping experience easy for parents. Time and price range are the top reasons parents find shopping for school shoes challenging. When do they squeeze the time for this errand, and can they afford excellent ones?


Everflex solves these two critical concerns by making shopping for school shoes convenient and affordable. The online store enables busy parents to compare options, read descriptions, and purchase from the comfort of their homes. This way, you free yourself from the stress of travelling to the store and dealing with crowds and long queues. 


More importantly, the brand's affordable price ranges and flexible payment options remove the budget burden from parents. With three affordable price ranges, you can purchase school shoes with touch-fastening straps now and pay for them in instalments later.


So, which Everflex school shoes use touch-fastening straps? Let's look at the options.


  • Mary Jane School Shoes

These have been a staple in girls' uniforms. This classic style is perfect for warm days and seasons, with its open-top breathable design. The round shape and strap across the instep boost the school shoes' cute aesthetic. With one touch-fastening strap securing the footwear within seconds, your fast-paced mornings will go by without causing you or your child much stress. They are versatile, so your child can wear them on weekends, giving you more bang for your buck.


  • Double-Strap School Shoes

These are a unisex option. Two adjustable touch-fastening straps hold this Everflex footwear in place, enabling your child to stay active. With effortless wearability and durable material, these school shoes can support your child seven days a week. Grooved soles provide the traction necessary for your child's stability.


  • Sneakers

These are an essential second pair of school shoes for more demanding activities like sports and PE classes. Features include breathability, padded heels, and grooves. These lightweight and flexible school shoes support your child as they run and play for long days without glitches.


Make Fast-paced Mornings Stress-free With Everflex Kids School Shoes!


Head to the closest retailer or shop online and grab school shoes for boys and girls with touch-fastening straps now! Add some socks to complete the uniform! 


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