Touch-Fastening School Shoes Are Perfect For Little Feet… Here’s Why!

Are you shopping for your child’s first pair of school shoes? If you’re new to buying uniform items, then let Everflex impart some wisdom: buy touch-fastening styles! There are a whole host of reasons why these are the best choice for your young child, and we’re here to prove it. So, sit back, and let us talk you through the reasons why your child’s first school shoes should be this style!


Why should you forgo lace-up styles?


Laced school shoes are a staple and a must-have for older students. However, younger children do not always benefit from this type of design. Why? Well, for a start, many young children don’t know how to do their laces up properly. Tying shoelaces is a skill that is mastered over several years, and when your child starts their education, they may never have worn lace-up styles before. And, if you start them off in lace-up school shoes when they don’t know how to do them up, things get complicated.


Untied laces are a tripping risk


We all know that little kids are full of energy, love to play, and tend to be unaware of their surroundings. If your child is running around on the playground in school shoes with untied laces, it is highly likely that they will not notice. And, at some point, they will probably trip and either hurt themselves or another student in the process. If you don’t want your little one coming home with skinned knees and elbows, then you need to ensure that the ties on their school shoes don’t come loose! Here at Everflex, we believe the best solution is touch-fastening tabs. 


What about buckled school shoes?


Our Mary-Jane sandals are a popular pick for students of all ages, but it’s best to hold off on getting these at first. Buckled school shoes may be a stylish choice (especially with those trendy laser cut-outs), but they can be tricky for young children. Like lace-up styles, buckled designs are more fiddly than touch-fastening school shoes. Once secured, Mary-Jane sandals rarely come loose, but if your child wants to tighten or loosen them during the day, they may not be able to do that without getting help from a teacher. 


Touch-fastening school shoes are perfect for little kids


For a start, most of the footwear they have worn up to this point will have been touch-fastening, so kids have some prior experience with them. Instead of rushing straight to laced school shoes, you can slowly teach your child how to tie shoelaces and build their confidence before making the switch. In the meantime, these timeless pairs will keep children safe. The tabs grip tightly enough that they won’t come loose during regular activities. But, if your little one wants to loosen or tighten the style, they can adjust these school shoes quickly and easily.


Everflex has an expansive collection of touch-fastening footwear 


Firstly, we offer school shoes in a spread of sizes. We know that young children don’t always have tiny feet, which is why each design comes with an array of size options. We’ll have something, regardless of whether your child is small, average, or big for their age. Also, we have different types of school shoes for your children too. We have touch-fastening versions of our Mary-Jane sandals, traditional classroom looks, and sneakers and trainers. As such, finding school shoes for every season and setting is no struggle at Everflex. 


Have we convinced you?


Everflex has fantastic school shoes, but our touch-fastening styles are a must-have for young children. So, browse our range, take your pick, and make sure your child has school shoes for their first year in the classroom!