Top Tips for Breaking in Kids School Shoes

Buying a pair of kid’s school shoes like black school shoes and brown school shoes is an exciting time for all. Your children are about to start a new term, you will have some me-time whilst the children at out to learn and play, and they will be doing this with the best pair of kid’s school shoes on their feet.


Of course, this is easier said than done. Once you get your hands on a new pair of wide fit kid’s school shoes for your children, there are a few other things you have to do before being able to wear black school shoes and brown school shoes comfortably.


This process can be quite a time consuming and annoying, especially for your children, but it has to get done to break them in. Breaking in your child’s new pair of wide fit kid’s school shoes may seem daunting, but we have all the best school shoes tips and tricks to help you out.


Have a read below of our best tips for how to break in your kid’s school shoes easily. Then, we are sure that they will be walking through the classroom and going to sports watches at sports oval without any worries (except for the homework they forgot to complete last night!).


Tip 1 – Keep On Walking!


The best way for your children to break in their wide fit kid’s school shoes is by walking around in them. This tip may sound silly and straightforward, but it is a big tip that many people forget.


If your child is willing to participate, get them to wear their new kid’s school shoes for around ten minutes every morning. They can walk around the house, do mini trail run activities for kids, the backyard or do a lap or two of the streets. 


This process of walking around in their kid’s school shoes will help to loosen the material and conform to the shape of their foot. This method is imperative as it can help to avoid any blisters or uneven walking patterns developing.


If you start this process early on, it may be worthwhile to increase the amount of time your child walks around in their new wide fit kid’s school shoes. Start with ten minutes per day, and each week increase the time by an extra ten minutes.


This step will then allow your child to wear their new kid’s school shoes out and about. In addition, wearing black school shoes and brown school shoes on a day out will give your child’s feet more time to get used to the feel and shape of the kids shoes.


By the time the new term starts, your child will be ready to go in their new pair of broken-in kid’s school shoes.


Tip 2 – Thick Socks Are A Must!


Who would have known that breaking in a new pair of kid’s school shoes could be easily done with a set of thick socks? Lucky for you, the popular brands school shoes online store, Everflex crew, know exactly what’s up. 


So in the week or two leading up to the start of a new term, try to get your child to walk around the house with their new kid’s school shoes and pair your black school shoes and brown school shoes with some thick, chunky socks. 


By wearing a pair of thick socks, it can stretch out the material of the kids shoes and help with the breaking in process. If you find that your child does not want to participate during the holiday, they can partake in it during the term.   


Each day they spend doing a full day of study and play will help loosen up the wide fit kids shoes. Wearing a pair of thick socks during the education week will also keep your child’s feet warm and secure.


So, it is a win-win in our eyes. This process should not take longer than two weeks at maximum, and your child’s new pair of kid’s school shoes should be feeling a lot more comfortable to wear. In addition, this method of breaking in your kid’s school shoes can be super fun and easy to do, so there will not be many tantrums with this one.


Tip 3 – Have A Blow Dryer On Standby!


This tip is for all the parents who have bought their children a pair of black leather kid’s school shoes. You will need a blow dryer on hand in the first few days of your child wearing this pair of kids shoes. This issue is because black leather-based kid’s school shoes are sturdier than those made of soft materials.


Black leather is a tough material to break into, but it moulds perfectly to the foot once you do. This issue occurs in wide fit kid’s school shoes made of black leather, and if they are not broken into, your child can experience a fair bit of pain and discomfort.


To avoid any of that from happening, we have the perfect tip for you. Now, this is where your blow dryer comes in handy. All you have to do is blow-dry over the new kids shoes until the black leather material warms up and starts to gain some movement.


After a minute or two pass, get your child to put the kids shoes on and walk around in them for at least ten minutes. Once this step is complete, your child’s pair of new wide fit kid’s school shoes will have moulded into the shape of your child’s feet.


This result is exactly what you want the black leather material to do, as it will prevent any chaffing, blisters, or discomfort from occurring.


Tip 4 – Slow And Steady Wins The Race!


When breaking in your new pair of kid’s school shoes, it is necessary to do it slowly. Rushing this process will make things worse rather than better, so take it day by day. Breaking in your wide fit kid’s school shoes slowly will allow their kids shoes to become much more flexible.


This adjustment to your child’s feet may take longer than expected, so it is best to take each step with caution and care. We highly suggest not to let your child jump straight into the new term without breaking in their new pair of wide fit kid’s school shoes.


Your child will come home in pain with blisters and sore toes from all of the pressure from the material. Start by getting your child to wear their new kids shoes during the day at home and start by walking on soft surfaces, such as grass and yoga mats. Once they get back into school, your kids shoes will be fitting perfectly on their cute little feet.


Time To Invest In Some New Kid’s School Shoes?


If you need a new pair of wide fit kid’s school shoes for your children, then now is the time to grab them. With our top helpful tips and tricks for breaking in your child’s kids shoes, you should be feeling much more confident about the whole process.   


Our tips for kids new arrivals black school shoes and brown school shoes will hopefully prevent any tantrums from occurring as well, thanks to the quick and easy steps you can take. Woohoo!