Top 5 Non-Slip Shoes For Waitresses

Waitresses and waiters, this one is for you! Everflex has the best resistant work shoes for you right now. In addition, we have pairs of formal and casual shoes for crews. Some of our favourites will even blend in with school styles!


We’re here to tell you all about our best safety and non-slip resistant shoes for workers in 2021. But, before we start talking to you about our best non-slip shoes, we have some important information for you! Namely, please remember that these come in adult sizes.


Young adults and teens will need to fit into a women’s size five or a men’s size 6 to wear our slip resistant work shoes. Now that’s out of the way, shall we get to the main event?

Slide-on comfortable leather styles are an excellent pick for customers who want something lighter on their feet!


While we would never say that our chef shoe are bulky, they are slightly heavier than your average steel toe cap footwear. After all, they come with extra padding, specialised soles, and thicker material to give the most foot protection.


Our womens casual with a slide-on fit is slightly lighter by design, which means they have many unique benefits. For instance, if you are a waitress who works somewhere with an outdoor area or seating, these will be a favourite for you during spring and summer.


When the worst of the hot weather hits you during those seasons, your comfort work shoes will keep your feet more relaxed and less sweaty than other styles. So, what sort of benefits do our slide-on fashion sneakers offer to workers?


Well, you already know that these are water resistant shoes with excellent tread, so we won’t waste time rehashing that. In addition, the sleek leather-look material brings a professional feel to these otherwise casual-looking styles.


The black leather shoes have an elasticized top for a more flexible fit, and the light padding on the innersoles offers extra support and cushioning for your feet during busy days. Finally, the convenient slide-in fit is sure to be a hit with you!


When you’re in a rush or running late, you can get these slip on sneakers on your feet in a second and get going. And, if you return home exhausted after a long shift, you won’t need to undo any knots— just slide your Superlite slip off your feet and relax!


Are these track slip resistant shoes your idea of perfection? Then, add them to your shopping cart today!


We have two kinds of shoes for crews mens and women, that will suit students!


We have a version of these styles in men and women’s sizes. These breathable mesh shoes are unisex, so feel free to buy either, but remember that the sizing is slightly different! Many teenagers get their first job at cafes, fast-food places, restaurants, and bars.


These are precisely the kinds of places that will require puncture resistant shoes as part of their employee’s uniforms. But don’t feel obligated to go out and buy a track slip brand new pair. Instead, if you play your cards right, you should be able to purchase comfort casual shoes that can double-up as school styles during the rest of the week.


Here at Everflex, we have two versions of our hard-wearing work pairs of elastic sided shoes that will look right at home under a school uniform. Like typical styles for teenage students, our relaxed fit shoes are lace-up designs that kids can adjust for the best fit.


You would be hard-pressed to spot the difference between one of these spring step work styles and a standard set of school slip on shoes. As such, teens can wear the same trusty pair in their lessons and on their work shifts.


Not only will that save you trouble and the cost of buying separate comfort slip shoes for your new job, but it will also make the transition from one uniform to the next far easier.


For instance, if your son or daughter has a shift in the afternoon or evening and needs to go straight from school to work, then switching their pair of slip work shoe will be a pain.


They would need to carry their comfort casual shoes in their school bag (and potentially stink it up in the process) and then tote around their school pair all the way to work. Doing things that way would be annoying and inconvenient at best.


However, if they have a great pair of safety shoes that can fit in both settings, there should be no issues. So, if your teenager wants to start looking for their first job, get them one of these versatile casual shoe designs!

Everflex also has two sporty running shoe!


As before, our two renditions of these work slip resistant shoe come in the men’s and women’s categories, respectively. The only proper difference between these walking shoe is the sizing, which means you can try either one to find your ideal match!


Like our other resistant shoes styles, these work styles come in a sleek black finish. However, these have a much more casual vibe. If you’re told to dress in a more relaxed manner, then womens slip resistant that looks like school styles might ruin the effect.


Instead, we recommend picking up a pair that look more like memory workshift sneakers or trainers. After all, this is purely an aesthetic choice because you’ll enjoy all the best benefits of fit slip either way! In addition, Everflex’s work pairs come with water and oil-resistant material, which is perfect for waitresses.


You can guarantee that your machine washable shoes will contact bits of food, drink, cooking oil and similar mess. In addition, the non-marking outsole was designed using commercial grade rubber, so you can trust it to do its job while focusing on yours.


Finally, padded innersoles, arch support, and heel impact cushioning in our womens lace will provide hours and hours of uninterrupted comfort. What more could you want from your new work pair?

Which safety features of shoes can you see yourself in this year?


We’ve told you about the five best styles that Everflex has to offer, and now it’s up to you! Jump over to our online store, where you can take a closer look at our top designs. With our excellent designs, great prices, and fast delivery there to accommodate you, there’s no reason to shop anywhere else.


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