Top 5 Girl’s School Shoes Picks for Primary and High School Students

Finding a pair of girl's school shoes for your daughter is a fun yet challenging process. If you have fashion-driven daughters, then you know for sure that their choice of footwear will be different from others. 


Everyone is trying to stand out from the crowd and show off their unique qualities, which we think is great. However, doing this during primary and secondary education can become very challenging for yourself and your daughters. 


To help you out, we have compiled our top five girl's school shoes that can get worn by both primary and secondary students. This versatility within your bar school shoes will make the transition from primary to secondary so much easier.


With these picks of girls' school shoes, you will not have to worry about staying on-trend and up-to-date on the latest fashion looks. To all customers, creating a list of which to search for at the store is a good idea. So scroll down below, and close checkout the Everflex brands items pick for your girl's school shoes. 


1. Mary-Jane Kicks!


The most feminine girl's school shoes that we know and love are the Mary Janes kicks. This style of girl's school shoes is one that every female loves to wear. They are the perfect style of footwear for your daughter to wear during primary and secondary education because of their stylish look. 


The Mary-jane look offers plenty of comfort and breathability, making these kids school shoes the perfect choice of footwear for every female to wear. In addition, this style is super-breathable, thanks to the geometric cutouts and the open holes you find around the buckle. 


This look is perfect for when your daughter's want to show off their socks during the day or need a breathable pair of kids school shoes to wear during the warmer months. The Mary-jane style of girl's school shoes is a popular look and is a statement piece for every womens to wear. 


The majority of the time, the Mary-jane style is made from leather materials so, your daughters can get the most wear out of these girl's school shoes without worrying about needing to buy a second pair. 


The leather material ensures that these kicks are durable throughout the year, whether there is rain, hail, or shine. Take this as a sign to avail these shoes. So your girls will be on-trend and super comfortable all year round with a pair of these girl's school shoes on their feet!


2. Lace-Ups!


The style of girl's school shoes that can take your daughters from primary to secondary education is the classic lace-ups. This footwear is durable, comfortable, and stylish no matter what time of year it is. 


Lace-ups are the perfect go-to footwear for when your daughters are unsure of the most fashionable girl's school shoes. These kicks are on-trend all year round, so even if other styles make an appearance, these girl's school shoes will never go out of fashion.


Lace-ups are a must-have pair of girl's school shoes throughout the year because of their huge range of many benefits. These kicks are sturdy and secure, which means that they will ensure your daughter is protected during her day of learning and play. 


They are also a breathable and flexible style of footwear, thanks to the leather material. In addition, leather kicks can stretch and adapt to the foot that wears them, so over time, your daughter's feet will fit the pair of girl's school shoes perfectly. 


The material's flexibility also allows for these kicks to give your active kids the perfect footwear to partake in sporting activities throughout the day. If your daughters are athletic children, then you will benefit highly from investing in a pair of lace-up girl's school shoes. 


3. Slide-On Sneakers!


Slide on sneakers are becoming the next school 'it' shoe for girls. These slide-on sneakers are super stylish and perfect for the education environment. In addition, they provide the ultimate comfort level, so your daughter will not have to worry about sore and painful feet after a long day. 


These girl's school shoes allow your daughter to slide them on with ease due to the elastic pull-tabs at the back of the footwear. If your daughter enjoys the written side of learning rather than the playful side of things, then these girl's school shoes will be perfect for them.


Your daughter will not have to worry about losing a pair of footwear or tripping over because they fell off her feet, which is a common occurrence for more active children. In addition, these are the perfect blend between casual and sophisticated kicks so your daughter can channel a more academic and laid-back vibe during the day. 


These girl's school shoes are not only super comfortable, but they are versatile too. You can wear these throughout primary and secondary education and outside of study hours because of their versatile design. 


If you have a family dinner planned or a playdate for your daughter, you will not have to worry about these girl's school shoes being out of fashion. Instead, your daughter will look neat and casual in these versatile and comfortable kicks.  


4. Fabulous Flats!


Hello, fabulous flats! These are the ultimate comfortable girl's school shoes that will take your daughter from primary to secondary education with ease. A pair of flats is a perfect choice for fashion-forward and love to make a statement no matter what environment. 


Flats are a type of girl's school shoes that can get worn throughout the day and to any after-hours activities. Flats take comfort to a whole new level and leave your daughter feeling like walking on air. 


This feeling is hard to find, so investing in these girl's school shoes will make your daughter the happiest student. To ensure your daughter's flats blend into the uniform guidelines, they will usually be in an all-black colour. 


This look is more prominent for secondary students as it is chic and sophisticated girl's school shoes. However, if your daughter is in primary education and would love to wear a pair of flats, then you may have some more luck with expanding past the all-black restrictions. 


If there are no uniform guidelines, your daughter may have permission to wear her girl's school shoes in various colours and patterns, which can be a fun addition to the standard uniforms. 


5. Easy-to-Wear Boots!


Finding a pair of girl's school shoes that are easy to wear throughout primary and secondary education is not easy. But we are here to show you the perfect style of footwear that fits this category. In addition, we would love to introduce you to the world of boots. 


Now you may be wondering how boots fit into the girl's school shoe category but do not fear as these kicks are in the all-clear. Boots are a super fashionable style of girl's school shoes to wear, offering plenty of comfort and support for your daughter's feet all day long. 


These kicks can get found in a lace-up design or a slip-on look, but both styles can provide comfort and support throughout the day of learning and play. Boots are the go-to girls school shoes for the cooler months of the year as they can keep out any rain or dirt that you may come across.   


Let your daughter give her uniform a fashionable makeover by pairing some boots to their look. These girl's school shoes will have all eyes on them!   


Found Your New Favourite Pair of Girl's School Shoes?


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