Tips To Make School Mornings A Little Easier!

Do you need help refining your morning routine? Everflex will help your children get dressed and into kids’ school shoes at a respectable time. Getting yourself fed, dressed, and ready to take on the day can be challenging enough, let alone when you have children that you need to organize as well. Here at Everflex, we have experience with the struggles that parents have with getting their children into kids’ school shoes on time, which is why we’re offering some handy tips and tricks today! Employing our easy strategies should minimize stress for you and your children, so take note! 


Get your children to leave kids’ school shoes in the same place!


This first tip is incredibly simple and easy to manage. Most kids’ school shoes live next to the front or back door anyways, especially if children kick them off the second they’re back in the house. By always storing their pair in the same place, you can avoid confusion about where they are or where they’ve wandered off to in the morning.

So, set up a shoe rack or set aside a rug or mat for the job, and ensure that your children leave kids’ school shoes in that same designated spot each time. Once students start making a habit of it, they won’t even need to think about where to leave their footwear, and they’ll always know where to find them! 


Have your children prepare their sports bag and kids’ school shoes the night before!


Children always take a sports bag along on days they have PE because they’ll need to change into their uniform and sneakers. But even though they end up needing them at least once a week, trainers are the kids’ school shoes that students forget the most often. A simple way to ensure that they don’t leave their sportswear behind is to have it prepared beforehand.

Busy mornings will be a lot more manageable when all your child needs to do is grab their pre-arranged sports bag and get out the door! So, while your children are getting ready for bed the night before, have them put their uniform and kids’ school shoes into their bag. Then, once they wake up, it should be smooth sailing. 


Lay uniforms and kids’ school shoes out for the next day! 


Does your child have extracurricular activities in the early morning? Waking up earlier than usual can make children more forgetful about kids’ school shoes. There’s also the possibility that everyone will sleep through the extra-early alarm, and, if that does happen, having a speedy set-up for their uniform and kids’ school shoes will come in handy. Once again, you don’t want them wasting precious time rummaging through their wardrobe looking for a clean uniform and fresh socks.

Here at Everflex, we recommend that students lay out their uniform and kids’ school shoes ready for their early-morning wakeup instead. That way, any potential laundry problems can get discovered and handled the night before, instead of stressing everyone out a few minutes before they’re due to leave. 


Leave time for young children to tie kids’ school shoes! 


Are your children learning how to tie up their kids’ school shoes? If your little one has recently made the switch from touch-fastening straps to laces, then setting a good morning routine will help them learn faster! You want to encourage your child to tie their kids’ school shoes independently, so make sure that you leave time for them to practice this new skill. Ensure that young students get dressed and are ready to go ten or fifteen minutes before they need to leave. Then sit them down and go through the steps to tie kids’ school shoes! 



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