Tips To Get Your Kids To Look After Their School Shoes!

Are you having trouble convincing your kids to take their school shoes seriously?

How to take care of a uniform is an essential lesson for any student to learn. Dress codes are an ever-present issue and something that you’ll find in most workplaces as an adult. The sooner that your kids figure out the tricks to taking care of their school shoes and uniforms, the more natural they’ll find the transition into part-time work as teens and young adults. 

Like it or not, uniform rules aren’t going away

Despite the hot debate and differing opinions about dress codes, they’re always enforced strictly by teachers. If your child doesn’t take care and keep their school shoes and uniform looking presentable, then they’ll be heading for trouble. Punishments can be anything from notes home to the parents or detentions during lunch and recess. Getting penalised for scruffy school shoes is not going to endear kids to the teacher, or vice versa. And, since these rules are usually clear-cut and easy to follow, there’s no reason to let it happen. As such, you must remind your kids to follow their uniform rules and keep their school shoes tidy, even if they don’t like it. 

Do your kids scuff the tops of their school shoes? 

When marks appear on the tops of the toes, it’s because kids are scuffing their feet. And, believe it or not, this is more likely to happen in the classroom than on the playground. If you see this scuff pattern popping up again and again on your child’s school shoes, it means that they are dangling their school shoes onto the carpet or grating them against desk or chair legs. Typically, this will also be an unconscious habit that kids do when they’re feeling restless. Show your child the spots on their school shoes and explain how they got there, and hopefully, your little student will realise when they’re doing it next time and stop. After all, identifying behaviour is the best way to start correcting it. 

Make things easier for them with handy cleaning accessories

Sneak a peek at our range of accessories, and you’ll notice our Instant Shine Sponge is the standout cleaning product. And, if you’re looking for ways to get kids to clean their dirty school shoes themselves, then Instant Shine is the ideal choice. Instant Shine doesn’t need water or polish to work, and it’s suitable for any material type. As such, there’s no need to supervise kids using the sponge to tidy-up their school shoes. A few quick swipes should take off layers of dirt, muck, and other messes, and leave the pair looking like new. When Instant Shine Sponges make cleaning school shoes as straightforward and fast as this, there’s no reason that your kids won’t be able to use it! 

Is your child damaging their school shoes on purpose? 

In this case, stricter measures might be necessary. If your child is purposefully mucking up their school shoes, then you might need to discourage them with a warning. If your kids are old enough to earn pocket money, then you could tell them that the next pair will be bought using that. Whether or not you follow through is up to you, of course. Otherwise, you can sit them down and explain why ruining school shoes isn't positive behaviour. Remind your child that they’re wrecking something that belongs to them and that they need to take care of their things. 

We hope this helps! 

Remember all these tips and tricks the next time your little student kicks up a fuss about their school shoes. This season, let Everflex help you turn around your child’s attitude and break bad habits. Now, let’s keep your child’s school shoes looking better for longer!