Tips for Putting the Shine Back into Your Non Slip School Shoes

We know how difficult it is to shop for school shoes, so we want to prolong their life. Restoring the shine to the footwear is critical in so many ways.


For one, it speaks volumes about your child's image, which has something to do with making a good impression. Let's admit that people will likely think your child is well-kept and hygienic if their footwear is shiny. 


Moreover, polishing footwear lengthens its lifespan and adds protection from daily wear and tear. We don't want you to spend extra money on professional polishing.


You can put the shine back into your child's Everflex black school shoes from home. With the tips and tricks we've put together, the Everflex team will help you do this.


Read on to learn more.


 Step 1—Collect Your Polishing Equipment


Aside from a horsehair shine brush, there are specific supplies you must have to shine the school shoes properly.


Get a tin of shoe polish in black or the nearest shade to the footwear. There are two kinds: wax and cream. Wax polishes make school shoes less likely to get wet, while cream polishes feed the leather and make it softer. We suggest getting one of each and alternating their use.


You need a soft cloth, an ordinary old t-shirt, or a professional buffing cloth like a chamois or "shammy." There are optional add-ons like a polishing brush, a toothbrush, cotton swabs, sole dressing, and a leather cleanser and conditioner.


Step 2—Get Your Work Area Ready


A designated work area is essential to avoid getting the polish on furniture or flooring. You want the polish on the school shoes only, nowhere else.


Cover your work area with newspaper or old paper bags. Get a chair or cushion you can sit on because shining school shoes will take time, so you need to be comfy.


Got lace up styles of kids' school shoes? An extra step for cleaning lace ups but for a thorough polishing, the laces would have to be taken off so that the tongue could be reached easily.


Stuff the footwear with a shoe tree or paper so you can work on a firm surface.


Step 3—Rid the Kids School Shoes of Dirt


Remove any dirt on the school shoes before polishing with your horsehair brush or a dampened cloth. Removing the surface of anything is essential because it might scratch the footwear when you shine.


Let the school shoes dry thoroughly before doing the next step.


Step 4—Put on the Polish


Use an old shirt or a polishing brush and a circular motion to put an even coat of polish on the school shoes. Pay special attention to the toe and heel, since they may require an additional coat of polish because they experience the most wear.

  • To work the polish into the school shoes, use your index and middle fingers while holding an old t-shirt or another piece of cloth tightly around your hand.
  • Use a toothbrush or cotton swab to get the polish into the school shoes' nooks, crannies, corners and cracks.
  • Set the first shoe aside on the newspaper once you have finished polishing it, then repeat the process with the second footwear. Before moving on to the following step, give each pair of school shoes around 15 minutes to dry.


Step 5—Use a Shine Brush to Remove Extra Polish on This School Shoe


With your horsehair shine brush, remove the extra polish on the school shoes once they have dried. With movement coming from the wrist, use quick, even strokes to vigorously brush the school shoes.

  • This step hits two birds with one stone: remove excess polish and help polish sink in through the heat of the quick strokes.
  • A proper shine brush is a must in this step!
  • At this point, you should clean the cracks and crevices again to remove excess polish by using a fresh cotton bud, toothbrush, or cotton bud.


Step 6—Use a Cloth to Buff the School Shoes


Use an old (clean) t-shirt or chamois cloth to buff the school shoes to a high shine in a rapid side-to-side motion.


  • Breathe on the toe of the shoe (much like when you fog a mirror) for extra shine before buffing.


Step 7—Do the Signature Spit-Shine on the School Shoes


 The school shoes should have a "spit-shine" polish to complete them. Start by dabbing a small amount of water with your finger on the shoe.


  • Rub a little polish into the water droplet with the polishing cloth using quick, circular motions. Repeat this procedure around the school shoes.
  • Wipe the school shoe with a dry portion of the polishing cloth using similar quick motions. If necessary, perform the "spit shine" phase one or two more times.


Step 8—Let Dry


Give the kids' school shoes 10 to 20 minutes to dry. After which, re-lace the footwear if it has laces. You can also take this opportunity to change the laces on your footwear laces by getting a pair from Everflex. 


Additional Tips and Tricks for Supportive Shoes


Aside from keeping their shine, the Everflex team will dish out more tips and tricks to keep your child's school shoes looking like the day you bought them—or even better! 


If the salty winter slush has made its way into the removable inner soles of the leather school shoes, clean them with a towel and warm water mixed with one teaspoon of white vinegar before shining them. Then, regularly apply water and stain protection to help the school shoes resist the weather.


Additionally, now is a good time to check that your child's toes can fit comfortably in the shoes' toe room. A child's foot continues to develop. Children find shoes that do not fit properly uncomfortable to wear, which can result in foot aches and deform the child's feet. Shoes that are relatively new but exhibit serious wear also show an improper fit.


Get a long-lasting pair from Everflex!


The best combination for a long-lasting pair of school shoes is buying a durable one from Everflex and maintaining its lustre through regular polishing. In addition, boys and girls deserve good-looking footwear with the perfect fit, which will give them lon lasting comfort and help them perform their best in their classes.


Head to the Everflex online shop or the stockist nearest you!