Tips for Making Shopping for School Shoes Easier on Parents

Shopping for school shoes is a vital task in the long to-do lists of parents at the start of a new academic year. Unfortunately, this chore happens more frequently if the child outgrows the footwear quickly. 

Although shopping for styles of school shoes takes a lot of time (and patience), there are ways to make it easier. So how do other parents go through it hassle-free?

They’re likely following tips, which our team at Everflex can share with you. Knowing what features boys' school shoes should have before visiting a shoe store will prepare you.

Your kid cannot attend school in popular brands like Nike, Roc, Asics, Clarks, Harrison, and Skechers all year. They're great to collect but not easy on your wallet. The Spendless brand offers the same supportive features!

Following these steps will make shopping for Everflex school shoes more organised and less time-consuming. So let’s dive into it!


Tip 1—Go Shopping for School Shoes Boys and Girls Would Eagerly Participate

 There has been a misconception that shopping for school shoes will be easier and faster if you leave your child at home. However, we understand that you want to avoid tantrums and short attention spans, which can make the task more stressful. 

However, your child must tag along so the brand’s trained staff can measure your child’s feet and get the correct size of school shoes. Ill-fitting school shoes can be harmful, instead of helpful, to your child’s developing feet. 

Unfortunately, some health effects are permanent, so we must do it right. 

More importantly, your child can fit the school shoes in the store with you. They can give comments and feedback while they walk around the store. 

They must be honest with their thoughts and feelings since they will wear the chosen school shoes for almost 30 hours weekly.


Tip 2—Bring the Socks They Will Wear with the Footwear 

Buy new sets of socks from Everflex before you buy your child’s school shoes. It’s good for your child to try the footwear and the socks to get a dry run of how things will be once classes start. Never use their old ones from the previous academic year because they would likely have holes and tears.


Tip 3—Always Shop in the Afternoon 

It’s a cardinal rule to go shopping for footwear in the afternoon, whether you're a child or an adult, because all the activities we do throughout the day contribute to swelling our feet. 

In addition, your child must measure their feet when they are bigger to ensure that the school shoes have enough room to accommodate the slight changes in foot size.

Not considering the change in size can cause discomfort and pain to your child, which can distract them from concentrating on their classes and activities. As mentioned, ill-fitting school shoes can do more harm than good.


Tip 4—Check That the Kids School Shoes Have Good Support 

A pair of school shoes can provide your child with comfort and good support if they have the following features:

  • A firm heel counter is essential to stabilise your child’s feet. Because heels support your child’s feet, you must check if they are firm by pressing on the sides of the heels. If you can squeeze them quickly, they are not good enough.
  • Fastening mechanisms keep the school shoes in place so your child will not accidentally slip and fall. Everflex has three kinds available: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces.

Choose the one that corresponds to your child’s skills—strap-closing, buckle-clasping, or lace-tying. 

  • Check that the soles of the school shoes are flexible and robust to provide enough support for walking, running, and jumping. By twisting and bending, test that flexibility is only at the ball, not the midpoint.
  • Breathability is a critical feature that school shoes must have to keep your child’s feet fresh, especially during warm days. 

There must be a way for sweat and moisture to escape, or it can cause health problems, like fungal and bacterial build-up and a foul smell. 

  • Choose school shoes with a wide-toe box—they usually have rounded-toe designs—to give your child’s toes enough room to splay naturally. 

Squeezed toes can lead to health problems like bunions and hammertoes, which your child can carry into adulthood. Ensure a 1 cm space between your child’s longest toe and the edge of the school shoes.

  • Guarantee that all these features are present in your child’s footwear to keep them comfortable, supported, and healthy.


Tip 5—Never Get Second-Hand or Used Footwear 

It can be tempting to get hand-me-downs from relatives or people you know to save money on school shoes, but please don’t. You never know what foot health problems the previous owner had and can pass on to your child via the footwear. 

Aside from possible fungus and bacteria, used school shoes have lost all the cushioning and padding essential to support your child. 

Since your child’s feet are still developing, it’s essential that their footwear moulds to the shape of their feet for proper support. 

Unfortunately, if the school shoes had a previous owner, they likely moulded to the previous owner’s feet, which can cause irreparable damage to your child’s feet. So, treating your child’s feet will be more costly than saving money.


Tip 6—Be Patient 

You can face hiccups when shopping for school shoes; losing your temper won’t solve it. From unavailable sizes, inappropriate style for uniform requirements, and children’s tantrums, you need the patience to get through them. 

Shopping our range of durable school shoes is an excellent bonding experience between you and your child. You can take all you’ve learned from this shopping experience the next time you shop for school shoes. 

Trust us when we say there will be a next time, as you’ll be shopping for these items in the next 5–10 years.


Time to Practice What You Learned! 

Our tips will convince you to make purchasing school shoes a breeze. So get the best Everflex footwear from the nearest retailer or online store now! Sign up for our email list to receive updates and news about upcoming sales.