Tips for Getting Your Boys to Love Their Boy's School Shoes!

We know that shopping for a pair of boys' school shoes can be super challenging at the best of times. It can feel even more difficult when your son hates the footwear you have chosen. That is why we love to offer a helping hand. You will find that the team here at Everflex have gathered a range of tips on what to look for in a boy's school shoes that are sure to make your son happy.


Any suggestion will help find the right pair of boy's school shoes for your son. Whether you plan to shop in-store or online, our helpful tips on finding the right pair of boy's school shoes will be perfect to follow! However, if you are keen to find out more, then take a read below! 


Tip 1 – Buy Printed Kicks 


This tip is dedicated to the parents who have a son who loves his movie and TV show characters. You will find that our range of printed boy's school shoes will be a lifesaver for you during the week. If your son hates wearing a pair of kicks to a full day of study and play because they are uncomfortable or boring, do not fear. 


We have the perfect pair of boys' school shoes to solve all your problems. For example, if your older boys have a favourite TV or movie character, investing in a set of printed boys' school shoes will make his day in the classroom much better. 


If your son gets to see his favourite character on his boy's school shoes throughout the day, then it may improve his productivity and motivation. It will feel like his best friend is sitting in class with him. Your son will love wearing a set of printed boy's school shoes, and it will make you a happy parent, too! 


Tip 2 – Comfortable and Secure Fastening 


We recommend following one helpful tip when purchasing a new set of boys' school shoes to ensure they offer a comfortable and secure fastening method. If your son's pair of boy's school shoes are uncomfortable on his feet, then he will hate wearing them to a day full of study and play. 


You can avoid tantrums and arguments in the mornings by investing in a pair of comfortable and secure fastening boy's school shoes. We recommend finding a pair of boy's school shoes that offer a lace-up or touch-fastening method to secure your son's feet in the boy's school shoes. There is no better feeling than the one you get whilst wearing a pair of secure and comfy boys' school shoes. 


Tip 3 – Winter Kicks 


We know how necessary it is to find the perfect pair of boy's school shoes for your son. That is why we recommend investing in a set of boys' school shoes that suit the season. Your son will hate wearing footwear that is not breathable or supportive during different seasons of the year. 


If they have to wear a pair of boots during summer, you can already predict that he will not be a happy man in the mornings. Therefore, we recommend investing in a set of boys' school shoes like a set of boots for the winter months. 


Swap out these kicks and get your hands on these touch-fastening boys' school shoes to take your son through the summer season. These are super breathable and supportive, perfect for the warmer months of the year! 


Tip 4 – Active Kids


The type of boy's school shoes we recommend investing in for your active children is a pair of trainers. It is necessary to buy boys' school shoes that cater to your son's needs. If he is an active kid, buying footwear to accommodate this passion is necessary. That is why our huge range of trainers are a must-have for active kids. 


These boys' school shoes are perfect for active kids because they feature a thick and supportive sole. In addition, there is plenty of extra protection around the sides and front of the feet. 


Trainers offer a lace-up or touch-fastening method to secure your son's feet in the kicks. These are a must-have set of boy's school shoes for every active child to own. 


Tip 5 – Comfy Classics


Treat your son to a pair of comfy classics and invest in a set of lace-up boy's school shoes. These are the type of kicks that will always put a smile on your son's face. He will love spending a day full of learning and playing in a pair of lace-ups boys' school shoes. 


These kicks can come in a selection of faux-leather or real-leather material. Both options are perfect to wear during the day and into the night. These black school shoes ​are durable, comfortable, and supportive on your son's feet. You will never have to worry about hearing complaints again with these kicks. It is a win-win in our eyes!




There is something that every parent should invest in when purchasing school shoes boys set for their son. That's right; we are talking about accessories! These are a must-have for your son's range of footwear. If you want your child's feet to stay protected throughout the day, you will need to invest in some innersoles. 


These accessories are a must-have in your life. Your son will feel super supported and comfortable in their pair of boy's school shoes with innersoles on the inside. We also recommend that you invest in backup laces and socks for your son's boy's school shoes. These accessories are necessary to place in the cupboard at home because you never know when you need them most. 


Your son might come home from a long day of study and play with laces that are falling apart and socks with holes in them. This situation is where your backup laces and socks will come in handy for his pair of boy's school shoes. Your son will feel and look better in no time with accessories for his kicks! 


Have You Found the Perfect Pair of Boy's School Shoes?


If you are nodding your head, yes, now is the right time to invest! Every parent shopping for a new set of kicks for their son would hate to miss out on a pair they have fallen in love with. Nothing can beat seeing your son with a smile on his face. 


So head to the Everflex website today to get your hands on a new set of kicks. Enjoy the best deals and many benefits from our shop! Complete signing up and continue shopping with us!