Tips For Getting Out The Door On Time!

Starting with getting kids’ school shoes on, are you always feeling frantic to get your children out of the door on time? Everflex has some handy tips for speeding up the whole process in the morning! 


Get your children (and your kids’ school shoes) packed and ready to go the night before!


The last thing that you want in the morning is to have children running around looking for kids’ school shoes and the rest of their stuff. You’d be amazed by how far their homework can spread around the house, and all the weird and wonderful places that kids’ school shoes can end up.


Instead of putting the pressure on after breakfast, you can get your children to pack their bag ready for the next day the evening before. You can leave recess and lunch preparations for the morning if there’s fresh food to pack away. However, ensure that their books, pencil-case, and sporty kids’ school shoes are tucked away neatly in their bag!


Then, all they’ll have left to do in the morning is add those last items, kick on kids’ school shoes, and head out of the door. Doesn’t that sound easier? 


Have students lay out their uniform before they go to bed!


Yet another quick trick for speeding up the morning routine is to have children put their uniform and kids’ school shoes out, so everything is there when they need to get dressed. Once again, you’ll save everyone in the household a lot of stress if they aren’t digging through laundry piles or running around searching for a fresh pair of socks.


Get your children to set out their uniform and ensure their kids’ school shoes are waiting for them by the door, and getting ready will take half the time!


Setting things up this way is a time-tested and well-loved method for teenage students, who love every minute of sleep that they can get. If their kids’ school shoes and uniform are prepared and waiting, then students can afford to sleep in a bit longer! 


Keep kids’ school shoes laced when they come home!


As anyone who hates tying neckties will tell you, doing the perfect knot once and avoiding undoing it, can save time and stress later! Many students will do up their kids’ school shoes once at the start of the semester and only retie them if the laces come loose, as opposed to unlacing them every day. Not only is this an easy trick that can save students a few seconds during a hectic morning, but it can also save them from a needless hassle.


Of course, if you’re going to encourage your children to use this method, then you’ll need them to take care of their kids’ school shoes. Otherwise, students run the risk of wrinkling the back of their kids’ school shoes when they try to wriggle their feet inside. 


First, remind your children to be careful and avoid squishing the heel of their kids’ school shoes when putting them on. Secondly, you could get them to use an accessory (like one of our shoehorns) to help ease the way for their feet.


Are you teaching your son or daughter to tie shoelaces? 


When you’re getting your children to switch from touch-fastening to lace-up kids’ school shoes, you need to devote some more time. To do this, we recommend following our previous tips about preparing your child’s bag and uniform the night before to clear up space in your morning.


You don’t want to rush through the steps when your child is still learning to do-up kids’ school shoes. Sit them down and get them to lace-up their pair at their pace. To be safe, double-check that the laces are tied tight enough before they head off!

Good luck with your kids’ school shoes and their morning routine! Check out our Helpful Articles for additional tips!