Tips for Getting Him to Love His Boys' School Shoes

If you think shopping for new school shoes is challenging, wait until you deal with children having tantrums because they do not like their footwear. Then, you'll spend a few minutes persuading them to wear their footwear, or they'll be late for class.

It is a typical scenario that most parents wish didn't happen. So, if you want to avoid this, get Everflex boys' school shoes your son will love.

How can you get your son to love them?

The best way to determine the answer is to discover why they hate their academic footwear. In figuring that out, you can find ways to address the problem and make wearing academic footwear something they'd love.

Let's make this problem disappear by calling in the Everflex team. After witnessing many tantrums in-store and hearing parents share their horrors with their children and footwear, the team can shed light on the issue. 

Knowing the issues is essential to turning your problem around so that dressing up in the morning won't be stressful for you and your child. So, if you're ready to learn more about academic shoes, let's dive into it!


What causes your child to hate their academic footwear? 

Have you ever tried prying the information out of your child? There are several reasons why they act out when wearing their school shoes. Here are some.


1. Your child associates it with the end of vacation.

Observe how your child starts to get restless and cranky at the end of academic breaks. One reason is that they must let go of long days of playing and sleeping in. And the feeling intensifies when you take him shopping for academic footwear.

Shopping for academic footwear means classes are around the corner. As such, they take their dislike out on the school shoes, which can be challenging to curb unless they start associating the shopping activity and the footwear with something entirely.


2. The footwear doesn't fit them well.

Wearing painful footwear can make anyone cranky, even adults. Their academic footwear doesn't fit them well for two reasons. 

The first reason is not getting their correct measurements. The parents have overlooked a few things when shopping for their footwear.

A second reason is that they underwent a growth spurt, so the footwear did not fit correctly after a few months. Our dear parents, each child goes through various developmental changes, and keeping track of them is essential.

Most likely, they can't open up about wearing ill-fitting footwear because they think it's a waste of money to buy new ones after getting a pair a couple of months ago.


3. Your child did not get the style he wanted.

Children act up when they feel people are not listening and taking them seriously. Either the parents did not take them shopping, or they didn't bother asking their child what footwear he wanted.


How to Get Your Child to Love His Academic Footwear

Since we already know why your child does not like their school shoes, the tips we're sharing will address them so that you won't have to go through tough mornings again.


Tip 1—Make them look forward to the end of their vacations. 

The first tip is easier to say than do, but you need to change their mindset so that they will start looking forward to the end of vacations. 

We suggest turning shopping for academic footwear into a fun bonding activity between you two, which will be part of an annual tradition they can't wait to do. 

A creative way to do this is to turn shopping for his footwear into a game, where a final prize awaits them after—ice cream or watching a movie. 

In the parent's haste to finish the task, the shopping experience is dreadful and makes them dislike the activity even more. Making it fun will excite them about the mission and classes in general.

Have them wear the footwear around the house on days leading up to the start of the year so they'll get used to the idea and the fit.


Tip 2—Get the correct measurements.

There are several ways to get the correct measurements. First, take your child so he feels involved in the process and can give his feedback before you even pay for the footwear.

The first is to get their measurements professionally through a podiatrist. They know what to do and would recommend specific footwear appropriate for your child's feet while in his classroom. 

If this isn't possible, take them in-store, where there's usually trained staff to measure your child's feet. And since they know their styles well, they can suggest what suits your child.

The last involves you. You must do it if others can't measure your child's feet. To get the correct shoes, you must measure the length and width of each foot separately. 

It's best to do it in the afternoon when their feet have swollen to account for the growth. Ensure a 1cm gap between the longest toe and the edge of the shoes.


Tip 3—Give them a voice.

Ask them which Everflex school shoes they want to wear five days a week. Then, let your child try them on and have them walk around the store to get a feel for the fit.

As they walk around, ask them what they feel about everything—the style, the fit, the grip. Getting them involved in the whole shopping experience makes them think you trust their opinion and taste.

It is also an excellent way to teach them about compromise and independence. While they can't always get everything they want, especially if the shoes aren't good for their feet, they'd understand that you only want the best for them.


Apply What You Learned About Kids' School Shoes! 

May our shared information improve your child's feelings about their school shoes. Head to the nearest Everflex retailer or shop online to get footwear they'll love! Be sure to add socks before checking out!

We know that as a parent, you want only the best for your children, including their footwear for school. The huge range of boys' school shoes from Everflex is built to last, is comfortable, and has many benefits to support your child's feet. 

They are comparable to, if not better than, the well-known brands that are so costly for anyone's budget! But unfortunately, the general perception is they are the best brands because of their exorbitant prices, but wait until you discover our brand's latest releases.

Select from a wide size range as well as styles of school-appropriate footwear by entering your child's measurements on the site. If you are worried about getting the exact measurement of your child's feet, Everflex has a size guide (US, UK, EU, CM) to help you.

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