Tips For Finding The Perfect School Shoe

Are you On the Hunt For New School Shoes?

At Everflex, we work hard to make sure that students of all ages can find the perfect school shoes. We understand how crucial it is to find a proper pair with a comfy fit from the start since this is the pair that your children will wear the most during their years of education. 

Which of our school shoes should you choose?

You can begin your search by considering the age, interests, and needs of your child, which should help inform your decision. So, let’s have a look at four essential styles of school shoes and talk over their benefits. 

What are the main sorts that we have available? 

First, there are our classic styles

These glossy black school shoes come with either laces or touch-fastening straps (ideal for younger kids), and in a range of sizes for different ages. When you close your eyes and picture the ultimate classroom pair, these are the school shoes that will appear in your mind. As such, we advise getting some for your kids. 

Second, Everflex has sneakers and trainers

Unlike your standard kids’ designs, these sporty school shoes come in black or white, so they bring an extra edge of sophistication to any look. Once again, we offer the choice of a laced upper or touch-fastening straps to keep your little student tucked up safely inside. If your child loves sports or has PE classes, then these school shoes are a must as well!

Third, we also have sandals

While school shoes of this sort are usually for spring and summer, they are still worth talking about! Not only do they give feet great air circulation, but they also have a fun feel! Kids who hate having hot feet will love spending the warmer months in sandals.

Fourth, Everflex has some other great options for older students

Teenaged students heading into their first part-time jobs can save their hard-earned cash by doubling up and using our slip-resistant styles as school shoes too. These shoes come in our adult sizes, which means they are perfect for high school-aged students starting work in retail, fast-food industries, or other places where protective styles are needed. These durable designs feature cushioned soles for support, comfort, and shock absorption.

Additionally, the material of our work and school shoes from this range are oil and water resistant. Instead of lugging a spare pair of footwear around for an afternoon or evening shift, your child can wear their robust school shoes! Also, your kids will be able to enjoy all the fantastic features and save money at the same time. 

Once you’ve figured out the basics, focus on the comfort 

At Everflex, we make comfort and support an absolute priority. Whether you select school shoes made from leather or synthetic material, your kids are sure to appreciate the soft and flexible fit. Plus, the changeable nature of laces, buckles, and straps mean our school shoes can be loosened or tightened whenever necessary. 

If you’re concerned about shopping online, then don’t be! 

While our online shoppers may not be able to try on school shoes before they buy styles, but we have plenty of information around to help you choose. The detailed descriptions and helpful size chart will tell you everything you need to know to add school shoes to your shopping cart. 

Don’t just take our word for it

Take a look at our style online today, and we won’t even need to convince you! Each of our superb styles can speak for themselves. So, why hesitate? Find school shoes that suit all of your child’s needs when you shop at Everflex this season. We’ve got plenty for you to try!