Tips For Buying Your Child’s School Uniform!

  • Get ready, get set, and get shopping! Everflex has the perfect pair of school shoes, and they’re waiting for you. We’ve got some advice to help send you on your way today, and we hope you find it helpful. Let’s begin!


Shop for school shoes at the right time


Everflex’s online shopping service makes getting school shoes oh-so-easy for busy parents. You can browse at your leisure and avoid the crazy crowds in shopping centres. However, there are still some things to keep in mind. January is the month where school shoes are most in-demand and when sales are most prevalent, so keep an eye out for promotions! Everflex will have fabulous sales on, so keep your eyes peeled!


We offer express postage too, so if you’re worried that your order won’t be home in time if it comes through standard postage, then you can always choose to express instead. Still, we advise that at the very latest, you buy your school shoes a week before term goes back. That way, you’ll also have time to exchange for new purchase for a larger or smaller size if necessary.


Get everything in order before testing school shoes


Make sure that before you get your little one to try our school shoes, you’ve got their socks ready to go. Despite this being a well-known piece of advice, many people forget to have their kids try on their new pair with their socks. Forgetting may seem like an insignificant issue. But, depending on how thick your child’s uniform socks are, they can cause problems with the fit that need addressing. For instance, if you’re buying big school shoes that your child will have to grow into, then you’ll either want thick socks or some innersoles to help take up the extra space. If your child has super-thin socks, then you’ll also want to make sure that the school shoes aren’t too tight, or else those pinch points will aggravate the skin and cause blisters. So, remember to have your child wear their socks (or stockings) with their new school shoes so that there are no unpleasant surprises on the first day back!


Check the fit meticulously 


Once your kids are ready to go, have them try on their new pair of school shoes. Adjust the straps or laces to their comfort, have them wiggle their toes, and let them walk around for a bit. If you suspect the school shoes are too big, then watch for any slipping or sliding at the back heel. To double-check that the size is correct, have your child stand and then press down on the top of the style. There should be about a centimetre of space between the tip of their school shoes and the top of their longest toe.


Are you shopping for an older student?


Our top school shoes for teenagers and young adults are slip-resistant ones. These sturdy styles look almost identical to classic classroom designs, but they’re hard-wearing work pairs in disguise! Slip-resistant soles, oil and water-resistant material, built-in shock absorption, and supportive padded innersoles are a few of the special features on these school shoes. If your child is starting their first part-time job in a retail position, or fast-food and hospitality, then these will be the perfect work set! Instead of having two different pairs, your kids can take their school shoes from their desk to their next shift effortlessly. How great is that?


Why wait? 


Even if you aren’t ready to buy yet, feel free to have a look at the styles Everflex has available. You’re sure to see school shoes that take your fancy on our website!