These Kids School Shoes Will Make Your Morning Easy!

When you have young children, then it can be a significant struggle to get their little feet into kids’ school shoes. Tears and tantrums aside, the morning run can be stressful enough without introducing fussy footwear into the mix as well. So, why wouldn’t you get more convenient kids’ school shoes instead? If you want your day to run smoothly from the start, and to send your student off to class in a good mood, then let Everflex’s simple styles take care of things this season. Our collection of cute kids’ school shoes will take the stress out of your morning equation.

Try our pull-on boots

If laced kids’ school shoes are posing problems, then these will be a dream come true for you and your children. With their stretchy elastic side panels and simple slide-in fit, our black boots make excellent kids’ school shoes. All you need to do to get these kids’ school shoes on is grab the handy top tabs and use them to help wriggle tiny feet inside. We highly recommend picking this sort of style for winter or autumn, since they have the added protection from the elements. However, these full-coverage kids’ school shoes are also ideal for spring and summer, when children are more likely to play outside in the sunshine.  

Why not try Mary-Jane sandals?

These airy kids’ school shoes have been a top trend over the past year, but they’ve always been a classic look. The decorative laser cut-outs and open-topped design are what set these apart from standard looks. Like our boots from earlier, Mary-Jane sandals offer an alternative fastening style than traditional laced kids’ school shoes. Breezy sandals of this type come with either buckled or touch-fastening top straps. Altering the fit of these kids’ school shoes (by making them looser or tighter) is as straightforward as possible. Even if your little student is still struggling to tie laced styles, they will be able to do-up our Mary-Jane sandals independently. You might find your children getting their kids’ school shoes on by themselves in the morning, and this could save you valuable time that could be used to get yourself ready or to check that your children have everything they need for the day.

Our cage-style sandals are another excellent choice

Like Mary-Jane kids’ school shoes, these are a popular choice during the warmer months. You may have to double-check the uniform rules or dress code, but most places will accept these cute little sandals. Kids’ school shoes of this sort get recognised for their three securing touch-fastening bands, and a grooved bottom soles that can handle games on the playground and or in the sandbox. If your children can’t stand to wear socks when the weather heats up, you can avoid debates in the morning and save yourself stress by giving them our sandals-style kids’ school shoes instead. We know that sensitive feet will thank you for giving them these! 

Finally, have a look at our traditional designs

At Everflex, our classic kids’ school shoes for the classroom come with either touch-fastening tabs too. While we have laced designs for older students, these simple fastenings will make your routine less of an effort. Why wouldn’t you have your children give these a spin next semester?

See how our touch-fastening kids’ school shoes can help you today!

Your children can be sure on any floor with Everflex styles. Now, let us take the struggle out of your Monday to Friday routine. We bring kids’ school shoes with ease of wear for customers of all ages, so see what we can do for you!