These Girls' School Shoes Will Go Perfectly with Any School Uniform

Finding girls' school shoes that go with any academic uniform is a breeze when you shop at Everflex. The brand is famous for its range of classic styles that young students of any generation love. 

Your child will appreciate the many benefits of these shoes. Primarily, these school shoes give them comfort, which can get them through a hard day in the classroom.

But that's not the only place where your daughter would require ample support; the playground is equally important and is likely where they'll be engaging in rougher activities like running, playing, and jumping.

If they do not have the correct school shoes, they might twist their ankles or slip and fall in an accident. (Our size guide can help, too, in this regard!)

Discover more about the various Everflex school shoes that will go perfectly with any uniform with help from the Everflex team. Note how these compare with popular brands like Harrison, Clarks, Skechers, etc.

If you're ready to start, let's do it!


Mary Jane

We know you treat your daughters like dolls—fragile and cute. But would you like to take that one step further by getting them shoes that are popular for being doll shoes?

If yes, the Mary Jane style deserves a spot in your daughter's closet. These classic shoes have always been a uniform staple. It's so versatile that, aside from matching well with uniforms, your child can wear it to weekend parties.

The Mary Janes at Everflex come in black, a colour that every academic institution requires. These shoes have a single touch-fastening top strap that keeps the footwear secure for your child. 

The flexible outsole supports the natural movement of your child's feet, while the round toe shape provides enough room for their toes to spread comfortably.

Comfort is essential, especially if they wear these for almost 30 hours a week. Thankfully, these have a slightly padded sole to relieve the pressure from every step's impact.



T-Bar is like a Mary Jane look-alike, except for the buckled T-straps that secure your child's feet. Buckles are more challenging to seal than touch-fastening straps, but these shoes boost your child's problem-solving and fine motor skills. 

Ensuring they get to latch the pin through the hole in the belt will strengthen the small muscles in their hands. More importantly, this fastening does not come undone, ensuring your child won't remove their footwear accidentally.

Parents prefer these for their children during the warm months of spring and summer. Breathability is essential to keeping your child's feet fresh all day. 

These allow air to circulate and moisture to escape with their open-top design and geometric laser cut-outs. These cut-outs provide airflow and add an attractive design to the T-Bar.

Like the Mary Janes, these shoes have a round-toe shape that provides enough room for your child. It helps with their stability and balance. Plus, it keeps them comfortable and blister-free. 

These combine cuteness and function, making them suitable for weekdays in the classroom and weekends at parties.


Double Straps

Double straps are school shoes that got their name from the two touch-fastening straps that keep them in place. Touch-fastening straps use two nylon strips that lock together by squeezing the hooks and loops.

Unlike the first two styles, which have open tops for airflow, these school shoes cover their entire feet. 

While complete coverage makes them appropriate for winter, the double straps use leather material that exhibits breathability and insulation. As such, these shoes are suitable all year.

Do you have an active child who loves to join playground games?

If yes, you must choose these shoes because they have robust and supportive soles that provide grip and traction. No parent wants to receive an emergency call telling them their child got into an accident on the playground.



All the lace-up girls' shoes at Everflex are leather, ensuring your child has style options for autumn and spring. Leather provides insulation that keeps the heat in the footwear for as long as possible.

Meanwhile, adjustable fastenings such as laces ensure your child stays on their feet when the ground is slippery and wet. These require that your child have skills in tying their laces independently. 

The only flaw with this fastening is that it can come undone on its own, causing your child to trip on it.

These durable school shoes can withstand the wear and tear of the natural elements and will protect your child for a long time, unless your child undergoes a growth spurt. 

A growth spurt can happen every four to eight weeks; when it does, you must replace the footwear immediately. There's usually a 1cm gap between the tip of the longest toe and their girls' shoes for allowance and breathing room.

But once their toes start touching the footwear, you must replace them. Letting them wear ill-fitting shoes can harm their feet and cause deformities that can be permanent.

And since we're prioritising providing them comfortable footwear that looks perfect with their uniform, you'll love the following features - breathable mesh lining, padded collar for comfort, and a removable insole for a dual fit.



More strenuous activities like PE and sports require school shoes that can provide more grip, support, and comfort than their regular academic footwear. As such, you need a second pair of footwear, the sneakers. 

The kids' school shoes these students are wearing match their PE attire well. They are so versatile. Your kid can wear them with anything from jeans to shorts to a dress on the weekend. Be prepared because kids who see these will immediately want to collect several styles!


Choose Good-looking Kids' School Shoes from Everflex!

You will always have options when you shop at Everflex. Our shoe collection perfectly matches all kinds of uniforms.

Head to the nearest store or online shop to grab one now! Be sure to add some socks before checking out! 

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