The Ultimate Destination for Kids' School Shoes!

Finding a brand of kids' school shoes that you can trust is something parents have been doing endlessly. And now, your search is over. It must have been fate that brought you to the Everflex page because the brand has provided quality kids' school shoes for years. 

Customers who've experienced firsthand the brand's footwear keep coming back every time they are due for a new shoe. Your child's academic experience and performance will soar once they've put on a pair of Everflex kids' school shoes because of what the footwear offers. The brand ensures your child will always be comfortable and supported.

And while the child benefits from wearing the academic shoes, parents, too, are at an advantage because of the footwear's affordability. You will have enough money to cover your child's other needs because Everflex footwear will not exceed your budget.

Get a more in-depth understanding of why Everflex is the ultimate destination for kids' school shoes with the help of the Everflex team. If you're ready, let's get to it!


1. Everflex is convenient

Shopping for kids' school shoes has been a thorn in some parents' sides. Finding the time to squeeze in shopping between all their responsibilities stresses many parents. But all that goes away with Everflex. Who says you must be physically in-store to get your hands on these top-notch kids' school shoes?

With Everflex's online store, you can shop, check, and compare the different styles. The helpful captions give you an idea of the features of each academic shoe. You can do this while taking a break from work or waiting in the queue. And that's not yet the best part.

With the online store, you don't have to physically go to the Everflex store to purchase the kids' school shoes, meaning you don't have to hurry and catch the store before closing, saving you effort, time, and gas. You can do everything from where you are at an ideal time. With a few clicks, you must wait for the footwear to arrive at your doorstep.


2. Everflex knows what your child needs

Kids' school shoes must have certain features and elements to ensure your child performs at their best in the classroom and playground. Before parents discovered Everflex, they had to memorise a long list of things to check.But because Everflex knows what should be in each school's shoes and has provided them, parents have a more manageable and seamless experience. 

The brand did all the hard work, while the parents had only to choose which style to get for their child. Let's go through some of the features available in Everflex kids' school shoes:


  • Durable materials

Everflex provides only the best in matters related to kids' school shoes. The styles use either leather or vegan-friendly, which ensures the footwear withstands the natural elements and wear and tear. 


  • Adjustable fastenings

Everflex uses three fastenings on its kids' school shoes: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. These closures ensure the footwear stays in place while your child participates in all the classroom and playground activities. Aside from security, fastenings also provide adjustability to the footwear so that your child can tighten the fit when needed.


  • Room for the toes to wiggle 

The best way to test if the kids' school shoes provide enough toe room is to have your child wiggle their toes. Their toes should not hit or touch any part of the footwear. Roomy footwear is necessary for your child's comfort and health. As such, most of Everflex's options have round toes to ensure your child's toes can spread naturally and free from irritation.


  • Gripped soles 

Everflex understands that your child's stability is a top priority. Its kids' school shoes have gripped soles that provide traction, so your child can safely run and play on any surface.


  • Firm heel counters 

Heel counters are at the back of the kids' school shoes and provide stability and support for your child's feet. They must be firm to prevent the feet from moving excessively, ensuring the proper alignment of the feet and ankles. Test the footwear by pressing on both sides of the heel counter; they should not give in.


3. Everflex is affordable

Where else can you find quality footwear that is within your budget? At Everflex, of course! Some parents buy second-hand academic footwear, thinking they can save more. Little do they know, using hand-me-downs is risky because the previous owner might have athlete's foot and pass it on to your child. It will end up costing more because you must pay for treatment.

Avoid all these hassles by shopping directly at Everflex. The kids' school shoes have three budget-friendly price ranges: $30 - $40, $40 - $50, and $50+. But that's not the clincher! Everflex has flexible payment systems that allow you to purchase academic footwear now and pay in instalments later. It leaves you with money to cover your child's other academic needs, such as notebooks, socks, bags, and pens.

More importantly, choosing to shop online gives you more opportunities for price reduction because Everflex offers discount coupons and vouchers for online consumers. Discover sale schedules and other promotions by joining the mailing list.


4. Everflex is a one-stop shop

Find everything your child needs to keep them comfortable at Everflex. Besides kids' school shoes, the brand offers various accessories that care for your child's feet and maintain footwear. Shop for the following:


  • Innersoles help your child by absorbing the impact of their movements.

  • Socks to keep their feet from rubbing against the footwear.

  • Laces if they need to replace the original ones.

  • Instant shine to keep their kids' school shoes looking brand new.


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Everflex is Where You Must Be!

Everflex is the ultimate destination for kids' school shoes and all related needs. Head to the nearest retailer or the online store to grab one now!