The Top Winter School Shoe Trends

Every parent will be familiar with the struggle of finding school shoes that are perfect for the winter season. It is a hassle at the best of times, especially when your children are not happy with their kicks either. 


We know that it can make things ten times harder when choosing a pair of kids school shoes for your children who do not like them. So, to save the hassle, we have compiled a list of the top winter school shoe trends. 


This selection of trending school shoes will ensure that the selection process for parents and kids will be made much more accessible. 


Letting your children wear school shoes that are on-trend and in fashion will boost confidence and style for their week ahead. This tip can also help minimise feelings of being left out, so take a look at our top five picks of trendy school shoes below and find your next best pair of kicks! 


1. Lace-up Kicks! 


A classic style of school shoes that will always be on-trend is the lace-up designs. Lace-up school shoes have been a part of children’s uniforms for as long as we can remember. There have been many alterations and adaptations to this footwear style to keep updated with current trends for years. 


Lace-up school shoes are great for males and females and can be paired with the required socks to match the uniform. If your child’s school does not have strict rules around the socks needed to get worn, then lace-up shoes with a fun pair of socks can also get worn.


This adds an element of fun to your child’s primary school shoes and can keep them motivated to learn and play throughout the day, especially if it is wet and cold outside. 


Lace-up school shoes are such classic footwear due to many elements that are attractive to the eye. One attractive feature is that lace-up school shoes offer plenty of support and comfort for your child’s feet. The laces are usually made from a strong material, and the innersoles are comfortable and soft, whether real or fake leather, the material of these school shoes are also super comfy once your child breaks them in. 


If you are hesitant about what style of school shoes to close checkout your child at your favourite fusion brands shop, then the lace-up kicks are the answer you have been looking for! 


2. Touch-fastening Straps! 


If you are after comfort and style for your child, then investing in a pair of touch-fastening school shoes will be your best bet. 


Touch-fastening kicks are perfect for children who are unfamiliar with tying their laces yet and love a simple footwear style. These trendy school shoes can get worn by girls and boys, making them a super versatile design. Touch-fastening school shoes provide comfort and style all in one without compromising any safety requirements that may be requested. 


These school shoes are perfect for active kids as the touch-fastening straps ensure that your child’s feet do not slide out of the footwear. This is important for a day in the playground or on the sports oval where unusual objects may linger around (e.g., wooden bark and grass prickles). 


Touch-fastening school shoes are super trendy for those children who enjoy being active as they offer a unique alternative to the general lace-up kicks. 


The touch-fastening kids school shoes also look similar to sneakers, so your child can get the best of both worlds with these kicks from the menu shop. Touch-fastening school shoes will have your child feeling supported and stylish throughout the hours of learning and play, which is perfect for any winter day. 


These school shoes are the ultimate trendy winter look as they offer an enclosed design that is perfect for winter weather. So keep all the rain out and plenty of comfort in with these touch-fastening school shoes!  


3. Mary-Jane Buckles! 


Girls who are more comfortable in a pair of open and breathable school shoes will fall in love with the Mary-janes buckle-ups. These shoes can give girl’s an alternative to the typical look, featuring a fun and stylish option of school shoes. 


The Mary-janes buckle ups are a cute style of school shoe that offers plenty of breathability and comfort. In addition, this type of footwear generally has a range of geometric cutouts on the material, which gives them a fun and fresh addition. 


Every little girl will want a pair of these school shoes because they can flaunt their trendy kicks and stand out from the rest. 


Mary-janes buckle-ups are excellent new styles of footwear to wear all year round. However, for summer, they are perfect for when your daughter needs some breathable school shoes that are still comfortable enough to spend the day in and enjoy some playtime. 


During winter, the Mary-janes buckle ups can keep your daughter’s feet protected against any wet surfaces. These trending school shoes are a must-have for your daughter so she can feel confident, comfortable, and supported all day long! 


4. Slide on Boots! 


Have your children ever tried out a pair of slide-on boots? Well, now is the time to do so because they are on-trend and are super popular! In addition, slide on boots are a unisex style of school shoes, so none of your kids will feel left out (which means no arguments, woo!). 


When shopping for a new pair of school shoes that are both on-trend and comfortable to wear, this process can lead to a range of issues. If you are shopping for more than one child, there can be a tantrum or two that is bound to occur. 


To avoid this, grab your kids the same pair of school shoes so they can match. This tip is a great tactic to use when investing in some super cool slide-on boots. 


These kicks are perfect for a day full of learning and play, especially for gender boys. Suppose it's bucketing down with rain. Slide-on boots can keep your child’s feet protected against the wet weather and ensure that they spend their day in supportive footwear.


Thanks to the slip-on feature, these kicks can easily slip off as well! So, you can be sure that no mud or water will enter your house after a wet day. Phew!


5. All-white sneakers! 


Why not try out the all-white sneaker trend to change up your child's look? If your child’s school allows this shoe to get worn, then make the most of it and grab your hands on a pair. If your children enjoy standing out of the crowd, then these school shoes will help them do precisely that. 


All-white sneakers are trendy new styles of footwear that can get worn throughout the entire year. They are super cool to wear during the winter months because they add a touch of brightness to the dark and gloomy days. 


These sneakers offer plenty of support for your feet and allow them to walk through the playground, classroom, and oval with ease. So jump on board the all-white sneaker trend and give your child their dream school shoes! 


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