School Shoes That are Made to Last!

Do you need to get your hands on a new pair of school shoes? If you are nodding your head yes, why not check out our school & work shoe range. We have plenty of options for everyone to enjoy. Our Kids range of school shoes offer a variety of styles for boys and girls with unisex styles, leather, and vegan-friendly options. There is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy in our range of kicks. 


There is nothing better than investing in the perfect set of kids school shoes that can keep your children and yourself super happy. So if you are keen to get your hands on a new pair of school shoes for your child, then keep on reading. The team here at the Everflex store have gathered a range of school shoes that we know are sure to tick all the right boxes! Check them out below!  


Style 1 – Lace-up


If you love to stick to classics, then you will love what a pair of lace-up school shoes can do for your child. These are the ultimate pair of footwear that can get styled with just about every uniform. 


Lace-ups are a classic style of kicks that have been in the world of uniforms for many years now. These are sure to become a staple pair of kicks in your life. Our range of lace-up school shoes is a must-have in your child’s life. These kicks offer plenty of comforts, style, and support for your child’s feet. 


We love what these school shoes can do for your child during a day of learning and play. There is something about these school shoes that every child will fall in love with. So why not try styling a pair of TUTOR with your child’s uniform. 


Trust us, and they will love what this style can do for their comfort levels. These school shoes will be super long last because they offer an outer leather material. It is a win-win in our eyes! 


Style 2 – Touch-fastening


Check out our range of touch-fastening school shoes. These are the perfect set of kicks that every child needs in their life. You will find that this footwear style is perfect for a day full of learning and play. In addition, the touch-fastening design offers the same amount of protection as any other footwear style does. 


The touch-fastening straps can ensure that your child’s feet will stay locked in to place all day long. In addition, the touch-fastening straps offer an easy-to-wear style of footwear that can not get found in many places. These are the type of kicks that a child who struggles with waking up and getting ready in the morning. 


All your child will have to do is wake up, slip into their pair of touch-fastening school shoes, and start the day. These kicks will make your life a whole lot better! So add them to your shopping cart now!


Style 3 – Mary-Jane


Stay trendy this education year with our range of Mary-Jane school shoes. These kicks are the perfect pair of footwear for every girl to wear. You will find that these are stylish, comfortable, and can take you through the entire day with ease. 


The Mary-Jane school shoes offer a supportive sole with geometric cut-outs on the outer material. This feature is what makes a pair of these kicks fun to wear. The geometric cut-outs offer a unique design that is different from the rest. They also ensure that your daughter looks and feels her best from morning until night. 


These Mary-Jane school shoes are perfect to wear throughout the summer and winter seasons, too. Your daughter will love rocking a pair of these during her day. The best thing about these kicks is that they can get worn during primary and secondary education. Woo hoo!


Style 4 – Boots


Take a look at our range of school boots. This footwear style is bound to become your child’s new favourite kicks. So naturally, boots are necessary to wear during the year's cooler months. However, there is nothing better than rocking a pair of boots during the cold months of the year. 


We know how stylish and comfortable a pair of boots are on your child’s feet. But something about a set of boots can make life a whole lot better. You will enjoy what these kicks can do for you. 


The best thing about investing in a set of boots is that these school shoes can get worn outside of the classroom. So whether your child has a playdate or family dinner, you will trust that these school shoes can get worn to every event. As a result, you will never feel any regret investing in a pair of boots for your child!


Style 5 – Trainers


Does your child love to be active during the day of school and play? If you are nodding your head yes, then our range of trainers will be perfect for your child. These are the ultimate set of kicks for your child to wear if they love to spend a day running around and having fun. If you have an active child, it is necessary to invest in a pair of school shoes that keep their feet supported. 


That is why we recommend investing in a set of trainers for your child to wear throughout the day. Whether it is physical education class or lunchtime play on the oval, you can trust that these school shoes will keep your child super comfortable throughout the day. 


There is nothing better than wearing a pair of trainers throughout the day. These are perfect for walking, running, or playing games during class time. We love these school shoes, and we know you and your child will too. So find a store that will grant your wishlist, go to our shop, Everflex!


Style 6 – Ballet Flats


Get your daughter ready for the day with our range of ballet flats. This footwear style is sure to become a new staple in your daughter’s life. 


We love what a pair of ballet flats can do for your daughter. There is nothing better than rocking a set of school shoes that make you feel stylish, comfortable, and confident throughout the day. These school shoes are super easy to wear and ensure your child looks and feels good in class and on the oval for recess and lunch.    


Have You Found the Perfect Pair of School Shoes?


We know that our range of kicks is sure to tick all the right boxes. There is a style of footwear for every child to enjoy and feel comfortable in. So head to the Everflex website today to find out more! Sign up using your email address to view more of our items. Save more and continue shopping with us!