The School Shoes of the Season are from Everflex!

Your child works hard five days a week to pass all their academic requirements. And with that burden to carry, your kid deserves to feel comfortable in all other aspects, especially in their school shoes.

Parents and guardians will do everything possible to ensure their children have the best, so you’re likely looking for the latest academic footwear style.

School shoes play a massive role in your child’s education, so you want to ensure they have the best.

The footwear keeps them comfortable and supported as they go through their daily routine, which includes transferring to different classrooms, joining activities, and playing with peers in the playground.

School shoes can affect their performance and confidence, so you must find which will serve your kid the most. The question is, do you know where to find them?

Find the style that fits your child’s needs and lifestyle. The school shoes of the season are from Everflex, and the team will gladly walk you through each type. So if you’re ready, let’s do it!


Style 1—Pull-On Ankle Boots

These school shoes are ideal for boys who need footwear they can put on within seconds. Although there are no fastenings, you need not worry as there are elastic side gussets that expand to accommodate their feet and ensure the footwear stays in place.

These school shoes are the best for winter since they provide coverage and warmth until the ankles. Your child can wear this stylish footwear, even on weekends, for special occasions.

These school shoes look good with uniforms and suits, so they’re the best if your kid needs versatile footwear.


Style 2—Mary Janes

Do you want your child to look and feel like a doll?

If yes, you must get your girl a pair of Mary Janes. These school shoes for girls stay on your child’s feet with the help of a single touch-fastening strap.

This style is best for warmer months, but wearing it in colder temperatures with thicker socks and jackets is also possible.

These school shoes look adorable on weekends, too, paired with tights and dresses. The glossy finish adds style, while the rounded toe and slight heel provide comfort and support.


Style 3—Double Straps

These school shoes employ two touch-fastening straps to secure the footwear. Touch-fastening straps are among the three kinds of fastenings that Everflex has. They are easy to lock—press the two strips to close the footwear.

If your daughter loves to play and be active, this style is ideal because it clings to their feet. In addition, the double-strap school shoes remain steady and stable thanks to the supportive and robust sole.


Style 4—T-Bar

The T-Bar school shoes are like Mary Janes, except for the straps that form a T over the instep. This style uses the second kind of fastening available at Everflex—a buckle—to secure the footwear.

These school shoes require a more advanced skill to lock, but constant use of the fastener will help your daughter strengthen her fine motor and cognitive problem-solving skills.

Like Mary Janes, this style is ideal for warmer months, especially with the geometric laser cut-outs that add more entryways for air to circulate. Your daughter can also wear them on weekends, with denim skirts and dresses. Make them wear colourful socks for a more playful vibe!


Style 5—Lace Up

The lace-up school shoes are ideal for boys and girls all year long. In addition, it’s a popular style for older students who can tie their laces independently. 

The school shoes cover the entire foot for warmth during the winter. In addition, the laces provide an adjustable fit, giving your kids control over how tight they want their footwear.

These school shoes have great treads, which provide your children with traction and grip to run and play safely. Safety from accidents and trips is a cause of significant worry for parents, so this feature will let you sleep soundly at night.

Don’t miss the opportunity to provide your kids with the best school shoes of the season from Everflex!

This style prioritises your child’s comfort with features like a breathable mesh lining, padded collar, and removable insole. Support is also a top priority, with the style’s reinforced toe and heel.


Style 6—Sneakers

Your kid will join sports teams and have PE classes requiring more rigorous movements and activities. It’s not enough for them to wear their regular school shoes, so you must get them sneakers and trainers from Everflex.

The available styles have touch-fastening straps or laces, so select the ones your child can do. Some school shoes’ features to highlight include padded heels, flexibility, and lightweight.

Check them out to ensure your children remain scuff- and accident-free while having the best time participating.


Looking After the Kids' School Shoes

Since the school shoes are working hard to look after your child’s welfare, they should get care and maintenance in return. Unfortunately, it’s not often you get to have the best ones, so take these steps to ensure they last longer.

  • Put the school shoes properly by putting the thumb at the back of the footwear until the foot is inside. Doing this protects the heel counter from damage.
  • If the school shoes have laces, start from the toes and work upwards with tightening and tying.
  • Ensure your children remove the footwear as carefully as when wearing them. Always unfasten or undo the fastenings before removing the school shoes. Never use the foot to push the footwear off the other foot via the heel.
  • Doing the following things—clean, dry, polish, buff, and shine – weekly, if possible, will ensure that the school shoes remain presentable and spot-free. Also, get Everflex’s instant shine to maintain the footwear’s lustre.


Go to Everflex for the Best Academic Footwear Experience!

It’s time to elevate your child’s academic experience by getting them the best school shoes of the season! Head to the nearest Everflex store or the online shop.

Finding the proper pair of shoes requires looking at several different models. Shoe brands, including Asics, Harrison, Skechers, Clarks, Roc, Vic, and Nike, are just some of the many that can be compared to the Everflex brand of school shoes.

You can choose the best school shoes boys and girls need, because each brand offers many benefits, so your kids are always protected.

Whether you need something with a sleeker aesthetic, is more durable, or has a more extensive sizing range, we've got you covered.

So why not drop by today and check out the side-by-side comparison of these leading brands to pick your kid's shoes designed for school?

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