The School Shoe that Makes Going from the Desk to the Playground a Breeze

Parents want nothing but the best for their children. And what’s the best when it comes to school shoes that make going from the desk to the playground a breeze?

Everflex, of course!

Comfortable and supportive school shoes are essential to keeping your kids engaged and performing at their best. In addition, students participate in several classroom and playground activities—all critical to their learning experience.

In the classroom, students discover new lessons in different subjects while they learn social skills on the playground.

And because they need proper support and maximum comfort throughout, you must get them a pair of Everflex school shoes, which make it easy for your kids to transfer from their desks to the playground. So what makes them the best footwear around?

Our team from Everflex will explain the characteristics that make the school shoes a cut above the rest. So if you’re ready to discover them, let’s start!


1. Everflex school shoes are comfortable

Even as adults, you know how essential comfortable footwear is, especially at work when you spend hours on your feet. The same goes for your children, who require more comfort because their feet develop until puberty.

Luckily, Everflex school shoes are comfortable. Moreover, it checks all the features necessary; here are some:

  • There’s enough room for your kid's toes to spread naturally. Most of the school shoes at Everflex have rounded toes, which provide the space they need.

Pointed toes are not advisable because they squeeze your kid's toes, causing deformities and blisters. Instead, test the footwear by making them try it on and asking them to wiggle their toes. If they can do it comfortably, you’re all set!

  • Everflex has sizes for everyone. However, your child must wear the correct school shoes in size and fit. Never settle for a style because it’s the only one available in their size.

To get accurate measurements, take your kids shopping for school shoes in the afternoon when their feet are at their maximum size. Leave a 1cm gap between the longest toe and the footwear’s tip.

Once you notice the space is gone, it’s time to change their footwear. There should never be a time when they’re wearing ill-fitting footwear, as it can affect the development of their feet.

  • Everflex school shoes are adjustable. Your child must have control over their footwear’s fit so that they can tighten or loosen as needed. Three fastenings are available for Everflex—touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces.

Please choose the one that fits your kid's current skill level, whether they can press straps together, lock pins, or tie laces. Fastenings are not only responsible for the adjustability of their school shoes, but they also secure the footwear.

You don’t want your child to claw their toes trying to hold their footwear, as it can affect their development and cause deformities.


2. Everflex school shoes are supportive

We mentioned the importance of having supportive school shoes during your child's foot development. The footwear should protect them from factors affecting their feet, resulting in deformities they can take into adulthood.

As such, they must wear school shoes that can protect their feet’s health early on. Thankfully, Everflex footwear has features that support your child while on their feet for more than six hours on weekdays. Here are some:

  • The school shoes are flexible in the right places. Your kid's footwear should mimic the natural movement of their feet, where they fold as they walk and move.

Since their feet fold until the balls only, the flexibility of the school shoes should be until that area only, not further. You can check the footwear’s flexibility by lifting each shoe and bending it; the fold should not go beyond the location of the balls.

Getting the wrong footwear can affect how the bones of the feet fuse, so check that you get the right kind.

  • The soles of Everflex footwear have good grip and traction. Your kid will likely run in excitement as they transfer from the classroom to the playground, so they need school shoes to keep them steady the entire time.

In addition, they can encounter different surfaces, so their academic footwear must keep them safe while standing on their feet.

Finally, parents dread that moment when they get an emergency phone call from the institution telling them their child had an accident.

Get your kid Everflex school shoes so that you can sleep more peacefully and go through your day with less worry.

  • The footwear has a firm heel counter. Ensure your kid's foot stability because the heel counters of Everflex school shoes reduce the amount of pronation their foot does.

But, again, you don’t want an excessive movement that can curtail your kid's foot development. So instead, check the firmness by lifting the footwear and pressing on both sides of the heel counter. It should not give in.


3. Everflex school shoes are in style

The kind of school shoes your child wears can affect their self-confidence and social skills. For example, if they wear the footwear style of the fad, they will be more confident to join in classroom and playground activities.

But, sadly, wearing the wrong school shoes can make them feel out of place or, worse, made fun of by their peers.

That’s why it’s a good thing that Everflex has stylish and classic school shoes because they are always trendy. The brand has styles for girls, boys, and unisex, all with unique appeal and equipped with all the necessary features to keep them comfortable and supported.

Girls can be like dolls with school shoes such as Mary Janes and T-Bars, while boys will look like young gents in their Pull-On boots.

Both girls and boys can enjoy their time in the classroom and playground with unisex school shoes like double-straps, lace-ups, and sneakers. In addition, sneakers are essential for sports activities and PE classes.

Finding the right pair of kids' school shoes is easy at Everflex Shoes. Boys and girls of all ages can find comfortable and supportive footwear in the wide selection of styles offered by Everflex.

In addition, you can choose the best shoes for your kid because each brand offers many benefits. We have you covered, whether you need a fashionable style, increased durability, or more extensive size options.


Make Academic Life a Breeze for Your Kid! 

Head to the nearest retailer or online store. Choose Everflex school shoes so it’ll be easy for your child to get from their desk to the playground. Be sure to add some socks to your basket before checking out!

Everflex is a one-stop shop for all your back-to-school footwear needs, with many styles and brands that you can compare to famous brands like Asics, Harrison, Skechers, Clarks, Roc, Vic, and Nike.

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