The School Shoe Debate: Comfort vs Style

Choosing the right style of school shoes for your kids can be one of the most challenging experiences a parent has to go through (yes, even more difficult than homework!). As the parent and customer, creating a list of your concerns before adding items to your shopping cart has many benefits.


Each child has their style, comfort preference, and unique fashion sense, which all need to be accommodated when they need a new pair of primary school shoes. To relieve some of the stress, the top online shopping, Everflex brands shop can save the day – or at least we think so! We have compiled a few tips and tricks about the comfort vs style debate regarding school shoes. 


This could ensure to make your shoe's life slightly longer. Have a look below at our helpful advice before your close checkout, and you’ll be choosing your kids’ footwear with ease in no time! 


Here’s a Quick Debrief on What It Means to Have Comfortable School Shoes!


Comfort is a necessary factor when it comes to choosing your kids’ school shoes. They’re running around all day for six hours straight, so comfort would be the first key factor to consider (and we know parents don’t want their children coming home with blisters and sore feet). 


So, to avoid all the problematic situations, it’s a great idea to choose comfortable footwear. One style that provides the ultimate comfort is our lace-up design. This style of footwear offers a secure lace-up design with a sturdy rounded toe and durable tread.


It’s super easy to find these classic kids lace-up school shoes in our wide range, ensuring there’s a pair of footwear that can suit your child’s style. In addition, our lace-up school shoes are a unisex range so your kids can look sharp and shiny all day long while they study and play. 


Our touch-fastening range will be their next best friend for those who enjoy a quick and easy school shoe to wear. 


From the textbook to the playground, your child will feel safe and secure all day long with their touch-fastening footwear. Touch-fastening offers some great benefits and is suitable for those in a rush or who hate the hassle of tying up laces. 


This style of school shoe offers ease, comfort and durability for even the most active of kids. Parents, you also won’t have to worry about your kids, especially for gender boys losing their school shoes whilst out in the play yard or going to the store to buy treats, as these touch-fastening footwear styles are always secured and strapped up. 


Finally, our touch-fastening school shoes won’t cramp their style if your kids are more on the stylish side of things. The touch-fastening school shoes offer a unique look that will have your child starting a new fashion trend! 


Does your child need extra support with their school shoes?


There is still some room for discomfort to creep in with comfortable school shoes, but there is no need to stress. We’ve got all the tools needed to ensure your kids' feet are feeling great all day long. If the base of your child’s pair of school shoes is becoming uncomfortable, why not add some gel innersoles to the team? 


Gel innersoles provide extra cushioning for the foot, which reduces the stress on joints and absorbs shock. This is great for kids who enjoy an active day whilst learning. Our gel innersoles also offer built-in arch support, so your kids' feet will be feeling a thousand times better for the day. 


Finding additional comfort is also sourced through the right pair of socks and laces for those lace-up school shoes. Look at your favourite fusion brands or menu shop accessories for these items. Socks are a feature we tend to forget about when it comes to kids' footwear, although they are necessary for achieving the ultimate comfort level. 


Shin-high socks are a great choice of style as they remain high on the leg, meaning your child won’t have to worry about their socks falling or having to readjust them throughout the day. If your children prefer wearing an ankle-cut style of the sock with their school shoes, then we’ve got that option too! Ankle socks are easy to wear and offer a discreet look so your kids’ socks can blend right in with their school shoes. 


Don’t forget it is imperative to have a range of spare laces tucked away in the cupboard for the occasional mishap where new laces are needed asap. After a long day of study and play, your children’s lace-ups might find themselves with a bit of wear and tear. Backup laces are a must-have to keep your kid’s school shoes decked out in comfort and style. 


If a style is more your thing, then we have the perfect shoes for your little ones!


Now the question on everyone’s mind is whether comfort or style is better for your kid’s choice of school shoes. Well, here are some hot tips on choosing stylish school shoes for your child. First and foremost, stylish school shoes mean your child will be making a fashion statement all day long. 


Most school uniforms can appear plain and simple, so wearing stylish school shoes is a fun way to add a little fashion flair to the general uniform get-up. One of our stylish pairs of school shoes is the Mary-Jane sandal. 


This style offers a unique twist on the classic school shoe, with geometric cutouts on the front and at-buckle to secure their feet. This design ensures breathability (excellent for warmer months) and a supportive, comfortable fit without compromising the trendy look. 


For the boys who love stylish school shoes, we’ve got the perfect pair for you! A trendy take on the classic lace-up design, boys can change their everyday look with the slip-on boot. This type of school shoe is a game-changer for young boys who enjoy taking their uniform look to the next level. 


The slip-on boot features two easy-to-pull tabs to assist with putting on the pair, as well as elastic sides for ultimate comfort and style. The great thing about wearing stylish school shoes is that they also come with plenty of amenities! The ankle boot is made to be comfortable and stylish all in one, so it’s a win-win in our eyes. 


Tips and tricks on how to maintain your kids’ school shoe quality!


It is super easy for kids to wear through their school shoes quicker than expected. Lucky for you, we have a range of products that can prolong the life of their footwear. If you have invested in a pair of leather school shoes for your kids, it is your best bet to invest in our leather protector – Dubbin. 


This product can waterproof, condition and soften the leather of any leather-based style of footwear. It is created to clean, nourish and seal leather, ensuring your kids’ school shoes have a longer life. 


Our instant shine product also assists with maintaining the new, fresh look of your kids’ school shoes. This product is perfect for when your new styles of kid’s footwear appears a little sad and tired from all the fun your children have at lunchtime. 


All you have to do is press it over the outer material of the school shoes and watch the instant, quick and effortless magic unfold!      


Have we eased the debate of comfort vs style?


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