The Right Pair of School Shoes Are a Must for Every Child!

Your child needs the right pair of school shoes because their feet continue to develop until puberty. If they wear uncomfortable and unsupportive ones, it might harm your child’s foot health, which they can carry until adulthood.

Aside from health issues, their school shoes can affect classroom and playground performance. So how can your children concentrate and give their full attention to what’s happening when their footwear bothers and distracts them?

As parents, you need to ensure that your child’s school shoes have all the right features to support them and make them comfortable. While knowing all these things can be daunting, it will pay off, especially if you can see how well your kid performs.

If you’re ready, let’s have a go at it! Allow our team from Everflex to make things easier by giving you the features the ideal school shoes for your kid must have. There’s no better time to start since you’ll shop for their academic footwear more often than you think.


1. The Right Fit

Your child’s school shoes must fit them perfectly, leaving no part in pain. Comfort is a top priority since it can distract them from what they must do in the classroom. However, it would help if you remembered a few things when ensuring the fit.

  • Check the length and the width of each foot separately. Not everyone knows that no feet are identical, and you need to account for each when buying school shoes.
  • Take them shopping for school shoes late afternoon or evening when their feet are at their maximum size. But first, you must consider the growth their feet's swelling has caused. Doing so can avoid problems in the future while wearing their footwear.
  • Ensure your children are wearing the socks they will wear with the footwear. This way, they can get the right fit, including the thickness of the socks. Get your child’s socks from Everflex too!
  • Leave a 1cm gap between the tip of the longest toe and the edge of the school shoes. Always check for the space because it indicates if your kid is still comfortable wearing the footwear.

Your children will likely experience growth spurts and must change school shoes after 4–8 weeks. There should never be a day when your kids force their feet into ill-fitting footwear because it may cause blisters and deformities.


2. Enough Toe Room

Your child needs enough toe room in their school shoes for their toes to spread naturally. The way their toes splay affects their balance and stability, so ensure they get to do that. If they wear school shoes that cram their toes, your children can likely develop hammertoes and claw toes, which can be permanent.

Test how their toes feel inside the footwear by asking your child to wiggle them. You've got the right fit if they can do it while wearing their school shoes.

The shape of the footwear also plays a massive role in giving your kid the toe room they need. Choose rounded or square-toe school shoes and avoid pointed-toe ones. Most of the footwear at Everflex has rounded toes!


3. Adjustability

The right school shoes for your kids must have fastenings, giving them control over their fit. These fastenings allow your kids to loosen or tighten the fit as needed. Several fastenings are available, but Everflex only uses three for its collection—touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces.

  • Touch-fastening straps are for early starters who can press two nylon strips together. One of the strips has hooks, while the other has loops.

This fastening depends on the school shoes, which means you must replace the footwear once the touch-fastening straps have lost their adhesion.

A disadvantage of this fastening is the limit on how many times you can open and close it. As mentioned, the straps eventually lose adhesion, making the school shoes unusable.

  • Buckles are for students with skills in locking the clasp in any hole in the strap. Like the touch-fastening strap, pins depend on the school shoes, so parents must replace the footwear once it is unusable.

Children who use buckles can develop their fine motor skills and problem-solving skills. A disadvantage of using this fastening is how limited the adjustability of the school shoes is.

The equal distance of the holes in the strap limits how tight the fit can be; one spot can be too constricting, while the next has a lot of space. There’s no in-between.

  • Laces are fastenings that require more advanced skills. Learning how to tie their laces independently takes time, so you can imagine the pride in your child once they know how.

Wearing school shoes with laces is a badge of honour, proving they can do something others have yet to learn. More importantly, laces are independent of school shoes, so you can clean and replace them separately.

The only downside to wearing laced footwear is that laces can become undone, which can cause your child to trip and cause an accident.


4. The Right Amount of Flexibility

The school shoes must mimic the natural movement of your child’s feet when they move. In addition, the footwear should be the same since the feet fold only until the balls. As such, the school shoes must only be flexible until the area covers the balls, not further.

Test the footwear before buying. Pick up and bend the school shoes; they should not bend beyond that area.


5. Firm Heel Counters

A firm heel counter ensures your kid is stable as they continue their activities. Found at the back of the school shoes, it tightens the back of the heel and reduces the possibility of blisters.

To check for the firmness of the heel counter, press on both sides. But, of course, the school shoes are a go when you can’t press on either side!


Your Child Needs Everflex Kids School Shoes!

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