The Perfect Winter School Shoes For Girls!

Are you on the lookout for the best girls’ school shoes of 2020? Well, it’s never too early to start thinking about a winter pair. The range at Everflex has girls’ school shoes to fit kids as young as toddlers and as old as teenagers, so you know we’ve got what you need. Also, our excellent assortment of styles provides plenty of options for everyone.


Synthetic material is a must-have for wintertime!


Lucky for you, most of the girls’ school shoes at Everflex are either synthetic or a combination style. Leather offers additional flexibility and air circulation, but artificial designs are the most durable, hands down! Girls’ school shoes made from leather are more susceptible to water damage, and given the abundance of rain and puddles during the colder months, this is a significant downside. In contrast, pairs made from synthetic material have no issue with water (not that you’d want to go swimming with them on, mind you). You’ll also find that wiping mud, wet grass, and muck off these girls’ school shoes is easier.


Better still, our synthetic girls’ school shoes are also a prime pick for environmentally-conscious shoppers. Despite the expanded range of vegan-friendly food options, the amount of vegan-friendly fashion options remain woefully slim and notably expensive. But at Everflex, our leather-look girls’ school shoes are affordable and the perfect choice for vegan customers. 


So, what do they look like?


Well, if you’re planning on going the traditional route, then our synthetic girls’ school shoes will be either lace-up or touch-fastening styles. There are common traits shared by both variations, such as the glossy black colour, smooth texture, rounded toes, and general shape. The fastenings and size range are the only notable differences. The smaller touch-fastening girls’ school shoes are sized for our youngest customers, while lace-up styles suit preteens and young adults. 


Mary-Jane girls’ school shoes are fabulous for wear in winter


These sandal look-alikes are set apart from traditional styles by their laser-cut details, partially open designs, and buckled or touch-fastening top straps. Fashionable Mary-Jane girls’ school shoes gained attention and popularity amongst older kids during 2019, and they look to be favourites in 2020 too! Kids can wear these cute pairs with socks or stockings, so the transition from summer to winter uniform will be effortlessly simple. Plus, when the teachers go overboard, and the heaters get put on full-blast in the classroom, students will be glad that their girls’ school shoes have some air circulation! So, don’t feel obligated to tuck your child’s Mary-Janes away once summer ends. Your kids should get their plenty of wear out of their laser-cut girls’ school shoes during the colder months too! 


Our sneakers and trainers can tackle any season with ease! 


You won’t be surprised to hear this if you’ve stopped and had a look at the soles of Everflex’s sporty girls’ school shoes. One glance at the profile of any sneaker or trainer could tell you that much! Active girls’ school shoes are superb trans-seasonal designs that can handle weather of any kind and environmental extremes at both ends of the spectrum. Waterlogged playgrounds, slippery courts, muddy fields, and rain-soaked terrains are no match for the grip on our girls’ school shoes. We guarantee that active kids and sports lovers get taken care of and can play safety throughout the year.  


Well, there you have it!


Did you enjoy this little glimpse of your future girls’ school shoes? The ideal choice for your children is waiting somewhere in our range. Have a closer look at the Everflex range online today. Let’s guarantee that your kids get the ultimate pair for winter!