The Perfect Non-Slip Shoe Style for Your Workplace!

Do you work in an environment where lots of spills and wet surfaces occur? Do you find that your current pair of footwear does not help you in these situations? If you are nodding your head yes to both of these questions, then you are in luck! The team here at Everflex know the ins and outs of non-slip shoes and just how necessary they are in helping you with avoiding any wet surfaces at work. 


Investing in a pair of non-slip shoes is something that everyone should do to remain safe and supported at work. There are plenty of styles and designs of non-slip shoes suitable for every different occasion. So if you are keen to find out more, keep on reading. We have got the perfect style of shoe pair waiting for you! 


Style 1 – Lace-Ups


Check out our range of lace-up non-slip shoes. This design is created to offer people a safe and secure pair of kicks. The lace-up feature on these non-slip work shoes is the highlight when deciding if they are the right pair for you to purchase or not. 


Our laces ensure that your feet stay secure and protected in your non-slip shoes. If you wear loose-fitted kicks, it can be easier for you to lose a pair or trip on wet surfaces. Our range of lace-up, non-slip shoes are secure and offer many qualities to help you avoid any accidents occurring at work. 


We recommend looking out for the grooves on the sole of these non-slip shoes. These appear as small indentations along the outer sole of the footwear. They are super necessary to have on your set of non-slip shoes because they help trap water underneath the sole instead of falling over. We know that these are slip-on shoes ​for you if you want to stay safe at work!


Style 2 – Slip-Ons


Did you know that we offer a range of slip-on kicks in our non-slip shoe collection? Well, now you do! These kicks are the perfect set of slip-resistant shoes ​for you if you want to feel comfortable during a long day at work.


Our range of slip-on footwear offers an easy-to-wear option when it comes to non-slip shoes. This range of footwear offers the same qualities and features that lace-ups do, except for a different fastening method. These kicks are still safe and secure on your feet which is all thanks to the elasticised side gussets. 


If you need more convincing, all you have to do is head in-store or purchase a pair through our online website and try them on for yourself. Then, take them for a test run and see just how protective they are. These non-slip shoes are the perfect choice for people who enjoy wearing hassle-free footwear. 


Style 3 – Material


If you are unsure of what style of non-slip shoes you should invest in, then you are in luck. We have the perfect tips for you! There is a range of designs and styles that a pair of non-slip shoes come in. 


We know that there are certain features to keep an eye on to ensure that you get the best pair of footwear to stay safe and comfortable at work. We recommend investing in a pair of non-slip shoes that feature a hard rubber material. 


This tip applies to the sole of the footwear, as soft rubber can lead to accidents and falls when walking over wet surfaces. It will be beneficial if the outer material is hard and sturdy. This tip will prevent any injuries from forming if you happen to fall over during work. 


Style 4 – Fastening


When shopping for a pair of non-slip shoes, we recommend checking out the fastening methods. Unfortunately, there is a range of non-slip shoes that do not offer any fastening at all, which can potentially be harmful in the long run. 


We recommend getting your hands on a pair of touch-fastening, lace-up, or elasticised non-slip shoes. These three methods are designed to keep your feet safe and secure in your pair of non-slip shoes. They also give you the option of tightening or loosening the hold they have on your feet. 


We know you will find the perfect pair of non-slip shoes for you right here with us. There is no better feeling than the one you get from a comfy set of kicks. 


Style 5 – Boots


Take a look at our range of boots. These are the perfect pair of non-slip shoes for you. One thing we love about boots is that they feature a high cut. 


This look ensures extra protection around your calves and ankles. In addition, you will find that these non-slip shoes are very sturdy and have a secure structure, which means you will hardly ever have to worry about falling over at work. 


Before investing in non-slip shoes, we highly recommend looking at the tread on these kicks. The tread appears in a range of circular and hexagonal shapes on the sole of the non-slip shoes. The tread helps to trap water underneath the footwear and can help to avoid you from falling over. 


Our range of boots is the perfect type of safety shoes to invest in. You will love wearing these to a full day of work. 




One thing we recommend doing when you invest in a pair of non-slip shoes is to get your hands on some footwear accessories. These can assist with making your non-slip shoes even more protective throughout the day. So, why not try out a set of innersoles? These accessories get inserted into your kicks and sit on the inside of the non-slip shoes.


A pair of innersoles add an extra layer of comfort for your feet to rest on and make walking for long hours a whole lot easier. You will also benefit from investing in a set of backup laces and socks. You never know when you will need them most! So check the product availability now and shop with us!


Get work-ready with our range of non-slip shoes!


If you work in a hazardous environment and do not want to injure yourself, then investing in a pair of non-slip shoes is the way to go. We know that our range of styles is suitable for your taste in footwear. So, if you are ready to get your hands on a new set of kicks, then head to the Everflex shop website today! You will feel safe and supported all day and night! 


So take this as a sign to invest in these non-slip shoes. You can have it at a very low price. Enjoy exclusive offers when you make your first order from one of the best stores, Everflex. Enjoy free shipping delivery for every purchase exceeding $50. Continue shopping with us!