The Non-Slip School Shoe Even Adults Love!

Our Non-Slip Shoes Are Great For Preteens, Teenagers, Young Adults And Even Adults!


At Everflex, our collection of non-slip shoes isn’t only limited to children. We guarantee that adults will love them just as much! Our range of anti-slipping styles is ideal for children, teenagers, young adults and even adults.


How? You may ask, well, it's simple, our comfortable leather non-slip shoes aren’t only for school attendees. These deceiving styles may also serve you well in your workplace, and not to worry, they don’t all look like classic school styles!


So, if you work in an environment where you are required to wear non-slip shoes, or simply comfort work shoes in a workplace where you spend a lot of time on your feet, then our black leather non-slip shoes will work wonders for you.


Deceiving Classroom Classic


Our comfort slip are deceiving as they come in the style of a classic classroom style, so if you are worried that the safety features on these genuine grip kicks will stick out like a sore thumb in the classroom.


Well, you will be pleasantly mistaken! Our slip resistant shoes will easily camouflage into the classroom environment, looking almost identical to a pair of shoes classroom style.

With their rounded toes, polished black fabrication and classic lace-up style, it’s just about impossible to identify this puncture resistant footwear apart.


Of course, these styles are mainly suited to your teenagers and young adult children, as opposed to your young children. Our non-slip shoes range in sizes for adults, meaning they are also professional unisex suitable for your kids who may have started their first part-time jobs.


This anti-slipping footwear range is perfect for the classroom and takes them out for some after-school wear to their after-school jobs. What are great about these non-slip shoes are their safety features, so being a first-time job, you want to make sure your child is comfortable and safe in their work environments.


Naturally, your child’s first job will most likely be in the hospitality or retail industry, and therefore, they will be required to sport a specific uniform like leather uppers shoes.

Rather than purchasing yet another pair of wide shoes for your kids, why not pick up a resistant style that doubles in a work and classroom footwear staple?


Kids are tough and their footwear seems to wear out in no time, so do yourself a favour and pick up an affordable pair of track slip resistant style from Everflex. Trust us. This is one footwear style that your children will get maximum wear out of!


All The Bells And Whistles


If you aren’t familiar with our non-slip shoes great features, then here is your chance to find out more!


These slip resistant shoes will most certainly get your teenagers ready for the workplace with the real-world experience they will endure during their first part-time jobs.


Although this may throw a spanner in the works of their perfect little lives, it will most certainly get your young adults ready for the real world. So, by choosing a pair of slip resistant work shoes from Everflex, you can guarantee that you have left your young adult in safe hands!


So if you haven’t had the chance to take a look at all the features this water resistant footwear style has to offer, then you should take a closer look!


These waterproof womens feature grooved soles designed for the best grip on oily, wet and otherwise slippery surfaces, perfect for any hospitality or trade industry.


Your young adults will be safe throughout the school day on a wintery, wet day, but they will most certainly be protected after school, too during fast-paced shifts at work.


Teenagers endure quite a bit throughout the day. They spend quite a bit of time sitting in their classrooms and then head to their after school jobs, where they spend hours on end on their precious feet.


So you want to make sure they are completely comfortable and supported in their footwear. Your teenager will appreciate the shock-absorbing soles in these slip on shoes, the additional cushioning and padded innersoles, as well as their flexible durability.


Ensure your teenagers are heading to their after-school jobs in lasting comfort and fantastic durability in a pair of Everlfex’s rubber outsoles!


Non-Slip Shoes Aren’t Only For Teenagers


That’s right. Our relaxed fit isn’t just for teenagers!


 Whether you are shopping for your young adults first jobs, or you are shopping for yourself, you will know just as well how important it is to have supportive non-slip shoes that are made to endure these harsh environments.


Whether You Are Looking For Women’s Or Men’s Styles, Everflex Has You Covered!


Contrary to what you may think, Everflex doesn’t only supply footwear for your children and teenagers. We also hold a range of footwear essentials for men"s casual sneakers and womens shoe who require non-slip shoes for their working environments.


So whether you work in a hair salon, in retail, aged care or hospitality, you know how important it is to have a pair of non-slip shoes that is completely comfortable and supportive that keeps you up-right all day!


We have non-slip shoes for men and women in various styles, the most popular style being a unisex classic, the lace-up.


This machine washable non-slip shoe feature gripped soles built for the aged care and hospitality industries. Although it may seem like another language to the untrained eye, these work styles feature excellent, hard-working feature.


These features being, non-slip soles, an oil-resistant outsole, a commercial-grade non-marking rubber sole, heel impact was cushioning for shock absorption and support and flexible padded innersoles for all-day comfort.


An Affordable Option For Non-Slip Shoes


So whether you are shopping for your young adult or yourself, you can guarantee that you will find Everflex’s range of fit slip extremely affordable.


Now that we’ve outlined some essential benefits to our genuine grip shoes, you’d be silly to pass up these footwear favourites. There are so many benefits to safety-featured footwear, so why not pick up a pair from Everflex the next time you’re out shoe shopping?


Check out Everflex’s collection of non-slip shoes online today!