The Key to A Presentable School Uniform!

Learning how to present oneself is a skill that takes years to master. Kids learn it first because of their uniform and dress code rules. Students must learn how to make their school shoes as presentable as the rest of their appearance because the skill can carry over and benefit them in their later life. Everflex is here today to teach your kids how to keep their school shoes neat and clean in 2020. They’ll be looking their best in no time with our handy tips and tricks! Now, let us walk you through some ways to maintain school shoes this season. 


What’s the point of good personal presentation?


For starters, a freshly polished pair of school shoes will help kids make a good impression. Some teachers like to flag troublemakers by their dirty footwear, which is why it’s always good for students to have a clean pair when they meet a new teacher. If your child has to follow a strict dress code, then dirty school shoes could get them into trouble too. You don’t want your children to miss recess time with their friends, or to have to bring home a note for you to sign, because their footwear was looking subpar. 


Learning to maintain school shoes is practice for workwear! 


As your children get older, they will start looking for casual and part-time jobs. Bosses always consider appearance when they stage interviews, and a clean-cut candidate still fares better than a scruffy-looking one. Once they have the job, they can use what they’ve learnt from taking care of their school shoes and apply that to their work pair. Almost all retail and fast-food workers have a uniform, which includes black leather-look footwear, similar to school shoes. Bosses expect their employees to look their best while they’re on the job, which means paying attention to personal presentation is paramount. If your young adult already knows how to smarten-up their school shoes, meeting their employer’s expectations will be no struggle for them! 


Your kids can spruce-up their school shoes with Everflex’s Instant Shine Sponge!


You can find this excellent cleaning product in our range of accessories. Using the Instant Shine Sponge to clean school shoes only takes moments, and it is so easy to handle that younger kids will get the hang of it quickly. When your child comes home with their footwear covered in dirt, mud, and other mess, have him or her scrub off the grime with Instant Shine! A few good swipes will remove most of the muck on your kids’ school shoes. Once the surface of the material is clean again, you can top it off with some polish for a high-shine finish! 


You can replace ragged laces on school shoes too!


Everflex has plenty of spare shoelaces for you as well! In our range of accessories, we offer different colours, lengths, and shapes for students. So, replacing the old and frayed laces on your kids’ school shoes with a fresh new pair is a simple matter. Whether you need something for a traditional pair or some active school shoes, Everflex has all the extra laces that you could want. Don’t make your little student walk around with tired old laces; add a spare pair into your next shopping cart, and you’ll have them ready for when your child requires them. 


Everflex will keep your child’s school shoes looking pristine!


If you want your children to get an A+ for presentation, then you can trust us to help them out. Our handy accessories will ensure that your children (and their full uniform) maintain a tip-top appearance throughout the year. Why wait? The next time you come to buy school shoes from Everflex, add in an Instant Shine Sponge or a spare pack of laces!