The Importance Of The Perfect Fit!


Girls’ school shoes can be distracting if they’re the wrong size, and poor-fitting styles make for an unpleasant experience. Have you ever worn a pair that pinched your feet and put pressure on all the wrong places? Imagine how difficult it will be for your children to stay focused during lessons when their girls’ school shoes are uncomfortable. Studying new subjects is challenging enough without also trying to work through the pain in the meantime. As well as being an annoyance and distraction, tight girls’ school shoes could also put kids into a bad mood and make them snappy at their friends or teachers. Overall, it’s not an ideal situation for anyone. So, if your children are losing room in their girls’ school shoes, then make sure you grab a replacement as soon as possible!


So, how do you check that your child has the right size? 


Test the fit of your girls’ school shoes personally


Checking your child’s new pair will be simple and easy as long as you follow our steps. Without further ado, here’s how to make sure that your girls’ school shoes aren’t too small or big this season!


1) Get your little student to put on their uniform socks or stockings and their new pair. Casual socks might be thicker or thinner than their weekly ones. You don’t want to risk messing up the measure of your girls’ school shoes, so stick to official uniform pieces only! 


2) Have your child stand up, and do up the fastenings until they are as comfortable and secure and possible. Your girls’ school shoes might have laces, touch-fastening tabs, or buckles. Make adjustments as needed until you’re happy and think it’s secure.


3) Press down on the top of your girls’ school shoes and feel for your child’s longest toe. There needs to be a centimetre between the end of the material and the top of their toe. If the gap is any smaller or you can feel your child’s toes are at the end already, then you’ll need bigger girls’ school shoes.


4) Get your child to move around and walk around for a bit. Ask them if they can feel their girls’ school shoes slipping on the back heels, or if any spots feel too tight around their feet. You should return too-small sizes immediately. But, you can use our innersoles to fill a spacious style if you don’t want to return or exchange your girls’ school shoes.


Get your child fitted professionally


When you shop for girls’ school shoes at Everflex, you get to enjoy the ease and convenience of online shopping. Searching for the right size is simple because we display details about size ranges for all of our products and have a detailed size chart that you can use to compare different metrics (like EU or UK sizes). Since you can also control the delivery speed by selecting standard or express shipping, buying girls’ school shoes online has almost no downsides. 


Do you not feel confident about testing sizes by yourself? If you want to leave it to a professional, then we have a solution. Everflex girls’ school shoes are offered in-store exclusively at Spendless Shoes. A helpful member of our team would be happy to sit down with you and your child and try different sizes. All of your favourite girls’ school shoes should be available on the shelves, and you can always get a feel for the designs in-store and buy it online later. 


What do you think?


Feel better about finding the right fit for your girls’ school shoes with help from Everflex!