The Importance of Finding the Right Pair of School Shoes

As your child grows and develops, their bodies change and become malleable to external forces. And since school shoes can affect their feet, you must find the right ones because they spend most of their days and weeks in the classroom and playground wearing them. Wearing the wrong shoes to class for nearly 30 hours can harm their feet, so protecting them from the start is essential. 

Although some parents are unaware of the impact of school shoes on their children, it's not too late to learn about them now. There are certain features that the footwear must possess so that they can go about their day cosy, well-supported, and steady. 

Choosing the right pair can positively affect the child's well-being and academic performance. Imagine your child having an exam that requires their complete attention. However, their school shoes constantly rub their feet, distracting them from finding the correct answers. That's one way of impacting your child's performance. Besides the physical impact, the proper footwear will boost your child's confidence, encouraging them to participate in classroom activities and engage with classmates.

Most parents trust Everflex school shoes to provide everything their children need to excel. Their search for the best ones ended the day they discovered Everflex. The reputable brand understands your child's preferences and provides options that meet them. With the help of our Everflex team, let's discuss further why finding the right pair of school shoes matters. Let's start!


1. For Foot Health


As mentioned, your child's feet are developing until puberty. The wrong school shoes can impact their malleable feet, leading to foot problems until adulthood. The right pair of school shoes is flexible to a particular area only, mimicking the natural movement of your child's feet. Anything more or less than that is wrong for your child. At Everflex, our school shoes provide the proper support—not too flexible or firm.


2. For Comfort


If adults put much weight on comfortable footwear, so do children. As mentioned earlier, uncomfortable school shoes can distract your child from their best performance. Instead of actively participating, as they should, your little one would sit out of the activities to avoid getting hurt. In purchasing cosy school shoes, parents must remember a couple of things. Here are some necessary tips to follow:

  • Guarantee the right fit and size. Take separate measurements of the length and width of both feet. The best time to take their size or shop for school shoes is in the afternoon, when their feet are at their maximum, to account for the growth. Get help from a podiatrist or trained in-store staff if you want a professional to do it. At Everflex, we ensure there's a size for everyone so that you don't have to force your little one to wear school shoes that are too big or small for them.
  • Ensure a spacious toe area that enables your child's toes to wiggle comfortably. Toe wiggles are the best way to test whether school shoes have enough room. Tight ones squeeze their toes, rubbing them and potentially causing painful blisters. 

At Everflex, most of our options have round toes. These school shoes provide the necessary space, improving their balance and stability. Please remember to leave a 1cm gap between the tips of their toes and school shoes. Check if the gap still exists every 4–8 weeks and replace it immediately if it's gone.

  • Because your child's movements cause their feet to swell, they may need to adjust the fit of their school shoes in the afternoon. With fastenings, they can customise the fit and secure footwear. At Everflex, our collection uses touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces to provide adjustability. 
  • Check if the school shoes are breathable or can provide insulation because your kid will face various weather conditions. Materials and designs keep their feet ventilated or insulated. At Everflex, our leather or vegan options allow air to circulate or hold heat. The brand's collection also has open-top, low-cut, or ankle-length designs that can keep their feet warm or breezy.


3. For Safety


The right pair of school shoes have features that promote protection. Parents worry whenever their children are out of their sight. One way to reassure them is to ensure their little one remains safe when separated. School shoes with gripped soles ensure that they avoid accidents. 

The treads or grooves provide friction that enables students to walk, run, or play on wet, soft, or uneven surfaces. At Everflex, our collection of school shoes offers the best traction. Check the footwear by flipping them over. Seeing various shapes on the soles means the option can keep your precious one steady and stable.


4. For Longevity


The right pair of school shoes can withstand whatever your little one exposes them to. It's essential that their footwear doesn't break midday or while playing because it can cause an accident and hurt them. The school shoes must endure wear and tear, natural elements, and inclement weather. 

At Everflex, your child will have durable footwear they will replace only when they outgrow them. Our collection uses premium materials that do not break at the first sign of duress. Investing in the brand's footwear ensures long-lasting use, which gives parents more bang for their buck.


5. For Style and Confidence


Classic and timeless school shoes remain on-trend even after a long time. While other styles are relevant only for a season or two, the right ones are chic throughout the years. Looking good does wonders for motivation and self-esteem. When your child looks great, they can do whatever they set their sights on. At Everflex, we have various styles to boost your child's vibe. Our options also comply with uniform requirements and are perfect for weekend events.


Find the Best Kids' School Shoes at Everflex! 


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Head to the nearest retailer or online store for the best school shoes for your child. Please also purchase instant shine to ensure the footwear looks brand-new!