The Importance Of A Supportive Shoe Sole

Why is it so vital that you get supportive school shoes?

How much of an impact can the soles have on your experience in and out of the classroom? Are there ways to improve the support of your school shoes if necessary? These are just a few of the questions that Everflex aims to answer today. While most people know that getting the right fit is crucial to the comfort of a style, the details can be hazy. Everflex is bringing you a crash course with everything you need to know about school shoes. Give your feet the pair they deserve this season!

1. Without support, you’ll start getting sore

This first point may seem obvious, but we’re not just talking about your feet! Did you know that spending a day in unsupportive school shoes can cause strain to build up in your ankles, calves, legs, and lower back? What starts as sore feet can quickly devolve into muscle fatigue throughout your body. No one wants school shoes that leave them with pain, especially not when they’ll be wearing that pair for five days a week until they either wear out or get too small.

Not only that, but unsupportive school shoes can be a massive distraction. Concentrating in a difficult class is challenging enough, but when you’re more focused on your sore feet than on the lesson, you’ll run into problems. As such, you must give yourself comfortable school shoes from the get-go. Everflex’s school shoes come with built-in features like padded innersoles, arc support, and grip that can help you spend all day (and all week) in them with ease.

2. It’s also beneficial for sports styles

Don’t forget that sneakers and trainers are a leading style of school shoes too! These are a must-have item on the shopping list for most students. Support and protection for your feet are essential during sports and other fast-paced activities because there’s already a high chance of injury. You want to make sure that the school shoes you choose can see you through the most strenuous activities safety. Our sneakers and trainers get designed to absorb shock and move flexibly, so they place less strain on your muscles. Likewise, the outstanding outsoles and spongy innersoles on these school shoes take good care of you too!

3. You can add comfort using our innersoles

At Everflex, we create our school shoes with lasting comfort in mind. However, if you run into problems with other styles, or want to give yourself footwear with the ultimate feel, then our innersoles and inserts will be life-changing!

We have both fabric and gel innersoles that you can choose from in our collection of accessories. These can be cut down to size, so fitting them into your school shoes will be no struggle. The foam innersoles are the thinnest and cushion your feet, while the thicker gel innersoles provide a more substantial squishy feel. Any trouble you’re having with hard-soled school shoes should vanish once slip some of these inside your current pair.

Along with providing a better foundation for your feet, Everflex’s inserts can correct a too-big fit as well. Students with oversized school shoes often suffer trips, slips, and blisters while they wait to grow into them. Our innersoles help fill up the extra space and provide support at the same time, so there’s less chance of accidents or discomfort.

But, please keep in mind that these are not orthotics! Our innersoles offer general cushioning for school shoes, and students with genuine foot issues should seek proper medical advice.  

What do you think? 

Do you see the importance of supportive school shoes now? Find your ideal pair at Everflex today and help yourself to the best of our care accessories!