The Best Way You Can Improve Your School Shoe Shopping Experience!

Here at Everflex,  we’ve made buying kids’ school shoes from our website incredibly straightforward and easy. We’ve dedicated ourselves to bringing customers the best shopping experience every time! As such, let us clue you in with four quick tips right now! 


Tick items on our search filters to instantly narrow down your options for kids’ school shoes! 


Your time is too precious to spend scrolling endlessly through our styles (no matter how gorgeous they are), which is why we’ve got helpful search filters to speed the process along. Do you know what size your child needs for their kids’ school shoes? What about the ideal price range for your next purchase?


Click on the relevant search boxes on the left-hand side of our style category. The webpage will refresh to display items that match those criteria. When you’re in a hurry to find the perfect kids’ school shoes, using our search filter will save you heaps of time! Once you’ve got a smaller collection to choose from, you should be able to select a fitting pair soon enough! 


Use our handy size guide to find the ideal kids’ school shoes! 

Have you shopped at Everflex before? If not, you might be feeling confused or worried about selecting sizes for kids’ school shoes online, since you won’t get to see the fit of the pair until they arrive home. But, don’t worry, because there’s no need for stress! For starters, you can use our handy size guide to figure out the ideal Everflex side for your kids’ school shoes.


We have charts for all of our age ranges (children, women, men, etc.) which you can use to compare Everflex, EU, UK, and US measurements. For instance, if you know your child’s size is a US 11, you can check the same horizontal line to figure out that their ideal Everflex kids’ school shoes would be a size 9.


Buy some accessories to go with your kids’ school shoes! 


Do you want to keep your child’s new pair in the best condition? Everflex has the best accessories for kids’ school shoes! Spare laces and value-packs of socks are just the beginning. We’ve got Dubbin and Instant Shine sponges to keep the material of your kids’ school shoes clean and glossy.


Our innersoles and other inserts offer additional comfort and support for busy students! Not to mention, adding accessories to your order of kids’ school shoes can be a great way to get free shipping!


If you’re only buying one pair for your child, you will probably miss out on our free shipping service, since it’s only on offer for orders over $50. Adding accessories to your purchase of kids’ school shoes is a simple and cost-effective solution that can take you over the threshold for free delivery. Plus, your children will get to reap the benefits of our accessories if you do!


Pay for your next order using Afterpay or Zip! 


Are you interested in an alternative payment method? Shopping for students can be an expensive endeavour before you even start thinking about uniforms and kids’ school shoes. As such, we suggest that splitting the cost of your order into smaller repayments is the perfect solution for busy parents! 


Purchase kids’ school shoes from Everflex using your Afterpay or Zip account. Instead of spending money on everything upfront, you can delay your repayment. If you’re waiting for your next payday, have more pressing bills to pay, or don’t want to spend your money in one hit. Using Afterpay or Zip to buy kids’ school shoes would be a fabulous option!


Need some more shopping tips?


Read another of our handy articles! Otherwise, head over to our collection of kids’ school shoes and start having a look!