The Best Way to Purchase School Shoes This School Year

Do you know the best ways to shop for kids’ school shoes this year? Here are our top five tips for customers in 2020:


1)      Buy kids’ school shoes online for the ultimate experience


You’ll be amazed by the ease and convenience of online shopping with Everflex. Instead of fighting the crowds for new kids’ school shoes, you can browse where and when you want without stress or interruptions. Like any decent website, all of our items get divided into categories, so finding what you’re looking never takes long. There’s information on each style, including a detailed description, size guide, and images of the kids’ school shoes from different sides and angles. When it’s time to finalise your purchase and send home your newest pair, you also have the choice of standard or express shipping, so it’s never too late!


2)      Search your item by name 


Are you a regular Everflex shopper? If you’ve bought kids’ school shoes with us before and want to get the same style in a larger size, and then enter the name into our website’s search bar. Are you having trouble remembering the name? Don’t worry, because there are a few quick ways to recover the name of your kids’ school shoes. Firstly, if you still have the box of your previous pair somewhere in the wardrobe, then you’ll find the name on the front. Secondly, you can search through your emails for your old purchase confirmation, which will include all the names of your kids’ school shoes. Thirdly, you could sort our style category alphabetically if you can remember the starting letter of the style.


Then again, if worse comes to worst, you can always eyeball it and compare your kids’ school shoes to our product images!


3)      Search for items by using the size filter


If you already know the size of the kids’ school shoes that you need, then you can speed up your shopping trip substantially by filtering out products. Along with other information (like prices and colour), the size filters are on the left-hand side of the main category for kids’ school shoes. We have styles from as small as Pre-Walker (teeny-tiny toddlers) to as large as Preteen (which ends at an adult size 6), so there’s no way that you won’t find something suitable. Once you’ve selected your desired size, the Everflex web page will refresh to show you the kids’ school shoes that match. After that, it’s a simple matter of selecting the style that you like and adding it to your shopping cart!


4)      Take advantage of flexible payment options


Are you strapped for cash but need kids’ school shoes immediately? Everflex offers Afterpay and Zip for these exact reasons. Instead of paying the full price of your purchase, Afterpay and Zip split up your repayments. You can wait for your next paycheck and still get kids’ school shoes when you need them. How great is that?


5)  Shop for kids’ school shoes by material


Are you trying to be a more environmentally-conscious shopper? Well, Everflex can help find the most Earth-conscious kids’ school shoes! Were you aware that the bulk of our styles are synthetic and vegan-friendly? It’s true! As well as being an ethical shopping choice, synthetic kids’ school shoes are more water-resistant than leather, and they scuff and mark less easily. Compared to what other retailers are offering as vegan-friendly footwear, you should note that Everflex’s low price points are pretty competitive and alluring too! So, if you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on ethical products, then get your kids’ school shoes from Everflex!