The Best Way To Get Your Kids Loving Their School Shoes

What can you do when your kids hate their school shoes?

Everflex has some excellent and ultra-comfy designs available, but sometimes that’s not enough. If your kids have it out for their footwear, then there’s probably an underlying problem.

Here are two leading problems that kids have with school shoes:

1. The fit is wrong

No one likes footwear that hurts their feet, especially not kids. You don’t want too-tight or too-loose school shoes to stop your child from having fun or paying attention in class, and sore feet can be a massive distraction. Everflex’s styles get designed for hours of sustainable comfort, but you still need to pay attention to the fit.

While it goes without saying, getting the correct size for your child is imperative. As tempting as it is to save money by buying a too-big style that your little student can grow into, we always recommend getting the proper size. Your child will be wearing their school shoes for five days a week until they outgrow them, and that’s a dangerous amount of time for developing feet to be in a poor-fitting style. Oversized school shoes that slip can give your child blisters and make them trip and stumble as well.

Head into our exclusive stockist, Spendless Shoes, to get your child fitted into an Everflex style professionally. The team there make shopping for school shoes a breeze. Also, you can get some advice about how to correct a style using innersoles, gel cushions, and Everflex’s other foot care inserts!

Once your kids are in school shoes that feel comfortable, there should be no more problems.

2. They find the style boring

Traditional black school shoes aren’t overly exciting for kids, who are used to vibrant colours, patterns, and decorations. Strict uniform rules and dress codes might make an institution look good, but kids can find them oppressive and unfair.

So, how can you make everyday school shoes more exciting for kids?

One way is to add more shine to standard school shoes. Everflex’s styles are glossy from the start, but a coating of our Dubbin cleaner will leave them with a brighter gleam. It may not seem like a huge change, but giving a matte finish a polish can make school shoes feel a little more magical. We highly recommend this little tactic, as the Dubbin also acts as a treatment and sealant for the material.

Another way is to have your kids wear their school shoes on the weekends too!

Positive reinforcement goes a long way, after all. At Everflex, our Mary-Jane flats and sporty sneakers can be taken out to heaps of different settings! Mary-Jane school shoes look fantastic with casual dresses and skirts, while sneakers go with denim jeans and any activewear. When you let your children chill out and wear their school shoes outside of the confines of the classroom, you help remove any negative connotations they might form about the style.

What about curbing some First Day worries? 

Getting used to school shoes before the start of term can be a big help to first-time students. Everything else might be new and a bit scary, but their school shoes will feel safe and familiar.  Also, you’ll be able to do a quick check and see that there are no nasty surprises when the time comes.

We hope that helps! 

If you still have questions about school shoes or need some expert advice, then feel free to reach out to us online. We’d love to answer all of your questions. Visit us today for a closer look at the Everflex collection!