The Best Way To Clean Your School Shoes!

Do you want to discover the best way to clean school shoes? By the time you’ve finished reading this article, we’re sure that you’ll feel like an expert! 


Pick up our Instant Shine Sponge!


If you’re on the lookout for the ideal accessory to clean school shoes, then our sponge is the perfect pick! The Instant Shine Sponge works on all sorts of materials, colours, and even decorative features, so you’ll get plenty of other use out of it. Of course, this sponge is a dream-come-true for school shoes. No polish or cleaning wax is required to use Instant Shine. You can uncap the lid, scrub the dirty school shoes, and it will start clearing muck straight away!


This handy cleaner is so simple and straightforward to use that parents don’t have to do the job! Pass Instant Shine on to your kids and start teaching students to take care of their school shoes independently. 


Finish the job with Dubbin! 


Have you finished cleaning up school shoes with the Instant Shine Sponge? Now is the ideal time to go back over the material with our Dubbin product! This cleaner comes in a waxy solution and neutral colour, and it won’t stain uniforms or skin. Dubbin will clean, nourish, and protect both leather and faux leather school shoes. If you want to add the finishing touch to your freshly-cleaned footwear and leave them glowing, then get Dubbin


Replace weary shoelaces with new ones!


Cleaning off the material on your school shoes isn’t rocket science, but dealing with laces that have begun to fray, flake, or otherwise disintegrate can be tricky business. You can try and scrub out dirt, mud or other mess, but if that proves ineffective, then replacing the ties on your school shoes is the next best option.


Everflex has heaps of spare laces in our accessories collection, so finding the right substitute pair won’t be difficult! We have laces in different lengths, so you’ll be able to buy a pair that fits your child’s school shoes properly, regardless of their age. You won’t need to worry about little kids tripping on ridiculously long laces. For your crafty older students,  you won’t have to see them tying their shoes with a few centimetres of frayed out lace.


Our black pairs are the go-to for classroom styles, while the white versions are the most fitting for sneakers and trainers. Depending on what design of school shoes your kids have, you can also choose flat or round versions! Either way, with a replacement set of laces in your child’s pair, their footwear will look brand new! 


Do your kids suffer from sweaty or stinky feet?


Given that students spend the majority of their year in the same pair of school shoes, it is understandable that their footwear might start carrying odour. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do some things to keep your child’s set from getting noticeably pungent. If you’re aware that this is an issue for your child, then outfitting their school shoes with innersoles or other inserts is one smart solution.

For a start, these care accessories provide excellent support and extra cushioning for your child’s feet.

Secondly, innersoles will also create a barrier between your school shoes and your kids’ sweaty socks and feet. Once you start noticing smell clinging to your child’s pair, you can throw out their current innersoles and replace them with new inserts. That’s sure to keep their school shoes fresh.

Our innersoles and other care accessories are practical and incredibly affordable, so add a few into your next Everflex order! 


Keeping your kids’ school shoes clean doesn’t have to be a struggle! 


Everflex has what you need to maintain the look and quality of any student’s footwear.