The Best Way To Buy School Shoes During A Pandemic!

Does your child need new school shoes? Don’t let COVID-19 stop you! Everflex’s online store is the perfect place to shop during this pandemic!


Shopping for school shoes online is so convenient! 


With lockdown restrictions and adjusted trading hours becoming the new normal, shopping for school shoes might seem like a daunting prospect. If you’ve already had an experience where you’ve double-checked a store’s opening time, turned up, and found out they’ve forgotten to update to their COVID-induced hours, then you already know how frustrating it can be. Plus, if you’re still at work (at home or in the office), then it might be even harder to find time to shop for school shoes when stores close early during the week. 


You’ll love shopping for Everflex school shoes! 


You won’t need to worry about social distancing or whether it’s safe (and sanitary) for your child to try on a new pair when you shop from our website. Understandably, a lot of people are still feeling nervous about shopping centres, and buying school shoes in busy stores was stressful already.

When you search for new styles on the Everflex website, you can browse at your leisure from the comfort of your own home. Navigating through our categories is easy too! You can filter school shoes by price, material, size, colour, and more, so finding what you want will be a quick and straightforward process. 


Do you find selecting sizes tricky?


While it’s good to get your child’s school shoes fitted by a professional, there are ways to work around it. Firstly, you can use our online Size Guide to compare different measurements and figure out which will suit your child. Secondly, we have heaps of helpful articles that can walk you through the ways to check (or fix) the fit of your little one’s school shoes. Buying items online has never been simpler (or easier)! 


Are you a regular shopper at Everflex?


If your child has outgrown their faithful pair of school shoes, then replacing them won't be a problem! Our customers’ favourite styles stay in-stock for ages, so finding the same design again will be a breeze. Did you save the box the last time you shopped? You’ll be able to see the name of your child’s school shoes on the side. Otherwise, go back through your emails and find your previous Everflex order confirmation.

The name of the school shoes you purchased will be included in the details of your old order. Once you’ve got the name of your child’s go-to pair, you can jump onto our website, enter the name into the search bar, and go straight to that style! Each of our school shoes has an impressive range of sizes, so unless your child has outgrown the kids' range altogether, there should be a larger pair waiting for them! 


Select the right shipping speed! 


When you shop online at Everflex, you have the option to have them shipped to your through at standard or express speeds. Express shipping starts at $12.80 and usually takes 2-5 business days, and while standard shipping is slightly slower, it is a free service for orders over $50. If you want to save every cent you can during this pandemic and are not in a rush to get school shoes, then standard shipping is the way to go.

But, since COVID has not done delivery times any favours this year, we do recommend selecting express if your child needs their pair as soon as possible. Your Everflex school shoes will get delivered by Australia Post or Startrack, and, since they offer contactless delivery, they are perfectly safe during this pandemic! 


Stay safe during COVID by shopping online! 


We may be in a pandemic, but Everflex can still deliver your kids comfy, classic, and affordable school shoes!