The Best School Shoes Styles for Boisterous Boys!

Get ready for the new year ahead with our range of boys' school shoes. So if your son needs a new pair of kicks to start the new term off, then you have come to the right place. Everflex brands shop knows everything that there is to know about a pair of boys' school shoes. 


So if you are worried about finding the right pair of kicks for your son, who is very boisterous at the best times, you do not have to worry. 


Everflex will have all of your needs sorted, no matter how adventurous or placid your son is. So if you are keen to check out our latest range of boys' school shoes, please note and keep reading. We are sure that you will find the perfect pair for your son in no time! 


Style 1 – Lace-Ups 


A pair of lace-ups are sure to tickle your fancy. These kicks will be comfortable, sturdy, and tight around your son's feet. This tip is essential for boisterous children because they can easily lose a pair of kicks during the day. With a set of lace-up boys' school shoes, you can trust that your son will never come home without his footwear ever again! 


Lace-ups are an easy-to-wear style of footwear for every young child. The material is breathable, and the soles are thick, so you can trust that there will be minimal injuries or pain. Investing in a pair of lace-up boy's school shoes will be the perfect choice for you and your son. 


If he loves to spend more time on the oval rather than in the classroom, he will need a pair of boy's school shoes to keep his feet protected. Also, no parent likes seeing their son upset after a long day because he is experiencing pain on his feet. Our range of lace-ups is sure to wash all of your worries away and keep your active son happy all day long.


Style 2 – Touch-Fastening 


Keep your son's feet strapped in a ready for the day with our range of touch-fastening boy's school shoes. These kicks offer plenty of support, breathability, and comfort for your child's feet. This tip is music to every parent's ears. You will find that your son loves his new pair of touch-fastening boy's school shoes, thanks to their level of comfort and support. 

It will feel like he is running around the yard with a set of slippers on. The best thing about investing in a set of touch-fastening boys' high school shoes is that they eliminate any tantrums from occurring. 


If your son is very active and loves to be up and about, he will hate having to sit down and tie his laces. If you invest in a pair of these kicks, then you are sure to avoid any tantrums from happening again. These kicks are beneficial for everyone in the family. 


Style 3 – Canvas Sneakers


Check out our range of canvas sneakers. These boys' school shoes are super stylish and on-trend, so your son will gain a confidence boost from wearing these kicks. In addition, canvas sneakers are the type of boy's school shoes that are super versatile, so your son can wear them to the classroom and straight to after-hours activities as well. 


Whether it is a play date with friends, sporting commitments, or a dinner with family, your son will be ready to go in no time. These kicks are perfect for active children who love to feel the ground beneath their feet. In addition, canvas sneakers are suitable for skateboarding, walking and basketball. 


This tip is due to the sole being flat. Your son will love rocking a pair of these gender boys' school shoes because of how fashionable they are. All of his friends will join in on the trend, and they can wear matching boys' school shoes from morning until night. 


Style 4 – Non-Slip


A pair of non-slip boys' school shoes will work wonders for boisterous children. If your son has a lot of energy and loves to play outside, he will benefit highly from a pair of non-slip kicks. It can feel challenging for energetic kids to keep themselves safe at times. That is why our range of non-slip boys' school shoes are a must-have. 


Non-slip kicks can help your son to avoid any injuries or accidents from occurring. Whether there is wet grass, mud, or spilt food, you can trust that your son's pair of non-slip boy's school shoes will keep him safe and protected all day long.


In addition, a set of non-slip boys' school shoes are great to keep in the wardrobe, just in case your son needs them on another occasion. 


Style 5 – Trainers


Keep your son feeling comfortable and supported through his busy day of learning and play with our range of trainers. These boy's school shoes are a casual style of footwear that can keep an active child's feet feeling comfortable all day long. 


Trainers feature a thick sole, laces, and extra padding on the outer material. These are the perfect pair of boys' school shoes for every active child. In addition, these can double as a pair of kicks to wear once the day full of learning and play is over. 


Your son can wear these kids school shoes to a playdate, basketball game, or even for a walk with the family dogs. The options are endless when it comes to wearing a pair of trainers. Add these kicks to your shopping cart to faster checkout. 


Style 6 – Accessories


One thing to remember when purchasing a new set of boys' school shoes is to get some footwear accessories. Accessories can help prolong the life of your footwear, especially for boisterous children. In addition, their pair of boys' school shoes will experience some wear and tear much quicker than others, so it is a good idea to keep some accessories ready to go.  


In addition, we recommend investing in a set of innersoles for your son. These can add an extra layer of cushion for your son's feet in his pair of boy's school shoes. It is also worthwhile to get your hands on some spare laces and socks. You never know when you will need them the most, so keeping some backups around the house will be beneficial in the long run. 


Get Your Hands on a New Pair of Boy's School Shoes Today! 


Our range of kicks is sure to have ticked a few boxes. However, we know that there is something for everyone in our footwear collection. So, if you are ready to invest in a new pair of boy's school shoes for your boisterous son, all you have to do is head to the Everflex store website! 


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