The Best Method For Polishing School Shoes

Since you find yourself shopping for new brown school shoes almost every term, you know better than anyone just how important  it is for you and your children to take good care of their mary janes! 


Rather than just buying a new pair of black hi shine shoes every time a pair starts looking scuffed, scratched, and tired, all you need to do is give them a good clean up. You’d be surprised at how quickly you can polish a pair of block heels school shoes to look like new in no time!


Take Your Premium Leather From Drab To Fab!


At Everflex, we pride ourselves on our comfort lightweight shoes knowledge, so you’ve come to the right place! We will take you through some quick and easy tips on keeping those senior boys shoes looking brand new. Whether you have a classic leather lace-up or a synthetic trainer, we will take you through some best ways to keep those junior and senior kicks looking brand spanking new!


Caring For Your Leather School Shoes


Let’s start with your classic leather lace-ups! Since they are the most common supportive shoes amongst children, you can guarantee that almost every kid owns a pair. As a parent, you know better than anyone just how frustrating it is when your kids come home with scuffs and marks all over their new patent leather shoes. 


The last thing you want to do is spend hours late at night buffing and polishing your kid's light weight shoes. So, to make your life a whole lot easier, do yourself a favour and follow our quick and simple guide to polishing your boys school shoes back to new!

Step One: Cleaning


When caring for leather lace-ups, it's essential to clean them regularly to maintain their durability and look. Be sure to brush off any excess dirt from the soles and sides of the hi shine shoes with a soft-bristled shoe brush or soft cloth to prepare them for polishing.


Step Two: Apply Shoe Lotion


If you are looking for a deep polish, you want to use a conditioning lotion that will help weatherproof your kids party shoes against rain and stains. Apply the cream to fill in and cover any marks or scrapes on womens black leather, apply a small amount to the black school shoes and use a sponge applicator to apply the cream



Step Three: Dry


Once you have covered the whole shoe, let them sit to dry. Fill the black school shoes with some newspaper; this will absorb any excess moisture within the inside and leather itself. Allow the black leather shoes to dry in a warm dull room, away from direct sunlight. Do not use any artificial heat source to dry the kids shoes as it can damage the leather.


Step Four: Polish & Buff


Now it's time to make your kids lace-ups sparkle again! Apply an even amount of shoe polish to your senior girls school shoes, ensure you match the colour correctly, and buff the polish using a soft cloth.


Continue buffing until the coating turns from a matt finish to a polished shiny finish. Like the way you clean your hush puppies, allow the shoes to sit out again for a quick-dry, and voila! Your kids are ready to hit the classroom in their dazzling new comfortable durable shoes!


A Quick Guide To Polishing Your Kid’s Leather Lace-Ups


The process that we’ve mentioned above may seem overwhelming and exhausting! So if you are feeling more on the lazy side, then there is a solution. Quickly buff up and polish your kid's Chelsea boots with an instant shine sponge. 


This sponge will instantly shine up any ethical sourcing footwear of any colour or material. So forget the mess of your regular polishing products because this product will work a treat on leather or synthetic crossing training shoes, making parents lives a whole lot easier!


To keep your lace-ups in their best condition, we recommend using conditioner and polishing products at least once a month to keep scratches, scuffs, and marks at bay. And for your weekly in-between cleans, then whip out our instant shine sponge and have the job done in no time.


Caring For Your Trainers


Your children wear their trainers just as much as their leather lace-ups, so similar to caring for these classic kids new arrivals, you want to ensure their trainers are equally being taken care of. Regardless of whether the trainers are leather or synthetic materials, similarly, the steps are just about the same when caring for your kid’s trainers. So, with that, let’s get started!


Step One: Clean


Again, using a soft-bristled brush or a soft cloth, clean your kid’s trainers using warm water and a small amount of soap. Gently wipe away any dirt from the soles and sides of the sport shoes; however, be sure not to over saturate the trainers. When doing this, remove the innersoles and allow them to air out.


Step Two: Dry


Apply polish to the lace ups sneakers with a soft cloth or applicator that the polish may come with. Apply and rub the polish all over the senior black trainers, and then allow the lace-ups to dry naturally. Again, keep the popular brands away from any direct sunlight and avoid using any artificial heat to dry out the junior girls trainers, as this will only dry out the leather.


Step Three: Waterproof


Once the adjustable straps school shoes have dried, protect them from any future dirt and water exposure by applying a waterproofing mens shoes agent. Then, do yourself a favour and hit up Everflex’s range of waterproofing solutions that are suitable for all footwear styles. 


This product will shield your kid’s lace-ups from water and prevent any stains on the material. The spray is suitable for all footwear fabrics, including leather and synthetic fabrics, and will not leave any marks or droplet stains as the solution is obvious.


This spray goes a long way! So, you only need a small spray to keep your kids lace-ups in their best condition.


Follow Our Guide For The Best Methods Of Polishing Your Kid's Shoes Online!


Applying these handy polishing tips to keep your trail run shoes in their best condition may be one of the best things you’ve ever done! So stop buying new black lace school shoes each term and follow our quick and simple polishing guide to keep your kids lace-ups looking as good as new!