The Best Everflex Shoes For Girls

Who wants the best girls’ school shoes in 2020? Come and have a look at the amazing assortment of styles at Everflex!


We have every size that students could need! 


When you shop at Everflex, you can always find girls’ school shoes that will fit! We stock everything from tiny toddler styles to ones that will fit adult women. Our kids’ collection transitions smoothly over to our women’s range, so there won’t be any awkward fits or times when your daughter has to wait to grow into the grown-up section.

Do you need help figuring out which size your child needs for girls’ school shoes? Shopping online at Everflex has never been simpler, now that we have a handy Size Guide for your reference. If you’re confused about how Everflex sizes work, go and have a look at our charts!


Our classic girls’ school shoes will look great in the classroom! 


You can’t go wrong with Everflex’s timeless shoe styles! Smooth and sleek, these traditional girls’ school shoes are a must-have for any student. Close your eyes and you can probably picture what these designs look like. Girls’ school shoes in this look are a go-to choice for any parent. 

We have littler versions with touch-fastening straps, lace-up pairs, and ones with buckle fastenings too. No matter which of these girls’ school shoes take your daughter’s fancy this season, they’ll be a stellar pair! 


How about some fashionable designs?


Has your daughter ever tried a pair of Mary-Jane sandals? With their laser-cut decorations and glossy material, Mary-Jane styles make trendy girls’ school shoes. If your child is tired of wearing the same type of footwear every year, then she’ll love these fun substitutes! While these airy girls’ school shoes are popular during spring and summer, there’s no reason to put them away for winter and autumn.

After all, your child’s thicker winter socks or stocking will provide plenty of warmth when they’re outdoors. And, when they have to spend an hour or two in a classroom during winter with the heater turned up, the swift air circulation from your girls’ school shoes will come in handy too!


Does your child need sportswear?


Everflex has got sporty girls’ school shoes covered! After all, sneakers and trainers are essential for students of all ages. They’ll need sneakers to wear with their sports uniform during PE class, early-morning or afternoon club activities, or games and competitions on the weekends. And, if your child has outgrown their classroom pair, then you’ll probably need to replace their activewear too!

Are you familiar with any of Everflex’s sneakers or sporty girls’ school shoes? Since we know administrations can get strict about the colours or patterns that kids have on their trainers, we’ve created pairs in complimentary block-colours of black and white. You won’t hear teachers complaining about girls’ school shoes in these shades!


Is your daughter interested in vegan-friendly products?


While Everflex has plenty of girls’ school shoes that incorporate leather, we also have some excellent synthetic designs. These man-made styles are 100% vegan-friendly and as perfect for students as our other styles.

In fact, even if your child isn’t a vegan or vegetarian, they’ll appreciate the durable material on these girls’ school shoes. Synthetic designs are less susceptible to water damage, they’re easy to clean, and they have a lightweight, cosy feel. Honestly, you won’t need any excuse to buy vegan-friendly footwear! Plus, as we’ve mentioned, the low price point makes it easy to invest in our environmentally-friendly girls’ school shoes.



Who’s ready to have a browse?

Everflex’s lovely girls’ school shoes are waiting for you!