Test Drive: How to Tell If Shoes Are Non-Slip Before You Buy Them!

Do you work in an environment where there are lots of wet floors? If you are nodding yes, then this may be a sign that you need some non-slip shoes in your life. These kicks are a must-have if you work in an environment such as hospitality or healthcare, where you know that you may come across plenty of spills on the floor. 


These non-slip shoes will ensure you are protected throughout the day and not injure yourself when walking through these wet surfaces. You may be wondering how to tell if a pair of kicks are non-slip shoes, so we have gathered some helpful tips for you to follow. 


The team at Everflex know the ins and outs of non-slips shoes, so our helpful tips will ensure you are sorted before shopping for a pair of new kicks. If you need a new pair of non-slip shoes or have not yet invested in some, then keep on reading. 


We have the best tips for you to follow so you can get the right pair of non-slip work shoes in your wardrobe as soon as possible! 


Tip 1 – Check the Tread


The first thing you should check when investing in a pair of non-slip shoes is their tread. If the pair of kicks you are looking at have a good tread, that will indicate they are non-slip shoes. 


The tread is a necessary aspect of non-slip shoes because it highlights how much grip these kicks provide. This tip is especially so when you walk through wet substances such as oil and water. The tread comes in different shapes and sizes, which can further help identify how effective the pair of non-slip shoes are. For slip-resistant shoes, you should check for treads in the design of circles or hexagons on the bottom of the footwear. 


If you see other shapes, it means the pair of footwear is not effective as non-slip shoes. The circle and hexagon shapes can ensure that the liquid substances move out and away from your footwear instead of getting trapped underneath and causing you to slip over. 


The best sizing of the circles and hexagons on the tread of your footwear is very small or very large. These sizes work best to prevent liquid substances from getting stuck under your footwear. 


Tip 2 – Look at the Grooves


Similar to checking the tread, it is also necessary to look at the grooves of your non-slip shoes. If there are no grooves underneath the footwear, they are not a suitable pair of non-slip shoes, and we would recommend not purchasing them for that reason. 


Instead, find yourself a pair of non-slip shoes with plenty of grooves. Are you unsure of what grooves on footwear look like? Well, do not fear as we have got you covered! Grooves in a pair of footwear look like small indentations on the sole. 


These are factors to look for in a good pair of non-slip shoes. The grooves ensure that you are safe and uninjured throughout your day of work. The grooves create a level of support that you cannot find in any other pair of footwear. 


These grooves also allow your non-slip shoes to be extra flexible, so they can bend and move in many ways to help you avoid slipping over if you walk over a wet surface. The grooves allow the liquid to sit underneath the footwear without building up, so you do not fall over. 


No matter what size grooves the footwear has, they are a must-have feature to keep an eye out for. 


Tip 3 – What is the Material Made Out From?


One thing to look for in a pair of non-slip shoes is the material. The outer sole material is not as big of a deal as the sole is. The sole is where the magic happens, known as not letting you fall or slip over when walking across wet substances. 


You will find that a softer rubber material on the sole is more beneficial to a pair of non-slip shoes compared to a sturdy sole. 


This tip is because hard rubber is non-malleable, which means there is minimal flexibility in these kicks. Softer rubber will offer your non-slip shoes more freedom to move with you and prevent you from falling over. You will be slip-resistant in no time with a pair of these kicks on your feet! 


Tip 4 – Test Drive the Footwear


The best way to tell if the footwear you have your eye on is a style of non-slip shoes is to take them for a test drive. This tip includes walking around in your new pair of non-slip shoes and seeing if they work. 


You can test-drive them if you are trying them on in-store, which can be super beneficial, so you do not buy the wrong pair of kicks. It may be difficult to test whether they are non-slip in store because there are no wet surfaces to walk over. 


If you can walk on some naturally slippery tiles around the shopping centre, then take advantage of that. Otherwise, you can easily test-drive these kicks at home. Wear them around the house for a while and see how these non-slip shoes look and feel. 


If you have a wet surface at home to test out these non-slip shoes on, that is also very helpful to determine if they are the perfect pair of non-slip shoes for you. 


Tip 5 – Check Out the Online Reviews


If you are shopping online for a new pair of non-slip shoes, it is worthwhile checking out the online reviews. It is always a challenge when shopping for clothes and footwear online because you do not have the freedom to try them before purchasing.   


For a pair of non-slip shoes, it may be beneficial to read some of the online reviews to get a better idea of what non-slip shoes are like. The reviews are usually honest, so you will not have to worry about feeling confused or unsure of the non-slip shoes you choose to buy. 


If the pair of kicks you are looking at does not have any online reviews, you can look at the returns policy. This tip can give you a sense of reassurance when purchasing these kicks. It is a foolproof method to follow when looking to buy a new pair of non-slip shoes. 


Ready to Treat Yourself to Some New Non-Slip Shoes?


If our helpful tips have inspired you to buy a new pair of non-slip shoes, then that is great to hear. We know how necessary it is to be safe and protected at work, and it all starts with your footwear. Hide images of your old kicks and avail these new ones.


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