Take the Stress Out of Girls' School Shoes with These Styles from Everflex

We must admit that shopping for girls' school shoes is not among our favourite things to do. But we must do it for our beloved daughters. The best way to take the stress out of shopping for girls' school shoes is to learn the tricks from those who know their ins and outs. Where else can you get the best tips? Only one reputable brand comes to mind: Everflex!

The brand has encountered and heard the different stresses parents go through where girls' school shoes are concerned and wants to make it easy for everyone. The timeless options have been constant, ensuring your daughters do well in class. While there's clamour about the chic styles of Everflex girls' school shoes, it's also critical to look at each feature. Thankfully, all the brand's options tick the necessary parts. However, it's still your responsibility to know which features to double-check. Your child will not survive on the looks of their shoes alone but needs specific characteristics to support them and make them comfortable through long days. Empower them to be confident enough to join classroom and playground activities because their parents approve of their footwear, knowing it will protect them.

The Everflex team will give you a brief rundown of the critical features before we delve into the different options that will take the stress out of girls' school shoes. If you're ready, let's start!


The Essential Qualities


While Everflex can guarantee that each style option in the collection for young ladies will keep them cosy, well-supported, and secure, it's best to go through the qualities and characteristics you need to double-check. This way, you can understand the necessity of finding the correct pair of girls' school shoes, which you don't choose based on looks alone.

Although the task may seem daunting, you will get the hang of it sooner than you think, mainly because you will buy a new pair in a few months. You must get a new pair of footwear not because the footwear broke quickly but because of growth spurts that can occur often. Before you know it, you're an expert who can do this hassle-free the next time. For now, let's discover the various qualities:

  • The right fit and size are critical to your child's comfort. To get the correct academic footwear, measure the width and length of each foot separately. It would be best to do it in the afternoon when their feet are at their maximum size, swollen from all their activities. Account for the growth to ensure the shoes fit right. 
  • Choosing school shoes with spacious toe areas that allow their toes to spread naturally is best. Round or squared toes are the best options because they don't squeeze your child's toes, which can hurt them. Also, leave a 1cm gap between the tips of their toes and the footwear for growth. Check if it still exists every 4–8 weeks and replace the footwear immediately if it is gone. 
  • Fastenings are essential for school shoes because they provide adjustability and security. The three most common ones are touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. These things keep the footwear in place and let your child tighten or loosen the fit as needed. 
  • Girls' school shoes that provide breathability and insulation will keep your child cosy no matter the weather. Some style options have open-top designs that allow air to circulate. For those who don't have open styles, materials like leather keep the feet sweat-free. It also holds heat longer during winter, keeping the school shoes warm.
  • Whether your child is active or not, traction is a critical quality that ensures they remain steady and stable. Your child will encounter soft, wet, or uneven surfaces that may cause accidents, so check the school shoes for grooves or treads on the soles.


The Everflex Collection


It's time to meet the different kinds of girls' school shoes that will take the stress away from you and your child. At Everflex, everything is easy.


Style 1—Mary Jane


Mary Jane is a uniform staple for young ladies. These timeless girls' school shoes are famous for their round-toe design and single strap across the instep. Choose between a touch-fastening strap or a buckle to secure the strap. Meanwhile, the flexible outsole supports the natural movement of your child's feet. At the same time, the round toe shape of the school shoes provides enough room for their toes to spread comfortably, improving balance and stability.


Style 2—T-Bar


T-Bar is like Mary Jane, except for its T-straps across the instep. These Everflex girls' school shoes are perfect during the warm months of spring and summer. With its open-top design and laser geometric cut-outs, the T-Bar can provide ventilation for your child's feet, keeping them fresh and sweat-free.


Style 3—Double Straps


Double straps are one of the two kinds of unisex girls' school shoes. The name came from the two touch-fastening straps that keep them in place. Unlike the first two styles, which have open tops for airflow, this option covers their entire feet. While complete coverage makes them appropriate for winter, the double straps use leather material that exhibits breathability and insulation.


Style 4—Lace-ups


Lace-ups are the second kind of unisex girls' school shoes, perfect for children who do not conform to the usual stereotypes. The lace fastening provides the most customisable fit among the three fastenings, giving your child control over the fit of their school shoes. With grooved soles for traction and round toes for comfort, your daughter can spend extended hours on her feet.


Style 5—Sneakers


More strenuous activities like PE and sports require girls' school shoes that can provide more grip, support, and comfort than their regular academic footwear. So, ensure you get them a pair of sneakers. 


Everflex Kids' School Shoes Are the Answer!


Head to the nearest retailer or online store. Be sure to add socks to complete the uniform.

Our brand offers many benefits for your daughter's feet. Our academic footwear is far more affordable than competing brands without compromising quality or appearance. Shoes from our collection are offered in a range of sizes. Use our size guide to choose the perfect shoes for your little girl.

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