Survive Summer With These School Sandals


Help your children beat the heat with our kids’ school shoes! Uniform rules are getting stricter and stricter, but there’s still a bit of wiggle room. Namely, you can sneak some sandals or Mary-Jane style kids’ school shoes into your child’s collection thanks to the summer sun! In the absence of the rainy and windy weather of autumn and winter, most places allow students to switch their standard styles out for warm-weather ones. And, lucky for you and your little students, Everflex can deliver! Our excellent array of kids’ school shoes has something for every child, so shopping with us always leaves customers satisfied.




Why should you make the switch?




First of all, sweaty feet make kids’ school shoes stinky. No one wants to be known for their foot odour, and, unfortunately, smells tend to cling to their footwear anyway. After all, students spend five days a week in their kids’ school shoes for most of the year. And, of course, spring and summer are when they’re going to sweat the most. So, if you want to keep odour to a minimum in your kids’ school shoes, then preventing feet from getting too hot is the easiest way to do it!


Secondly, there are other foot conditions to think about, besides smells. Younger students are highly susceptible to warts and other contagions, and they spread better in moist environments. Even if your child is spared from malodorous kids’ school shoes, there could still be some nasty things brewing inside. Even minor (but sore) skin irritations like blisters are more common in these conditions. By outfitting your child with partially-open kids’ school shoes, you can reduce the risk of things like that too.


Finally, there’s your child’s regular comfort to consider. Hot socks and stifling kids’ school shoes may not negatively impact your little one’s health, but they can impact their mood. You don’t want your child to feel unhappy or uncomfortable when they should be focused on their studies and having fun with their friends. If your child is bothered by their kids’ school shoes, then that’s reason enough!




Now, have a look at some of our options:




Mary-Jane styles




These kids’ school shoes typically are aimed towards girls, and they have the look of a traditional classroom style. With their rounded toes and sleek leather-look material, the only glaring difference is the partially-open top and laser-cut detailing. The top straps tend to be touch-fastening or buckled, as opposed to being lace-up kids’ school shoes. While these aren’t as open as some of our other sandals, Mary Jane designs still have excellent air circulation. You can trust these kids’ school shoes to keep students comfortable in hot weather, even if they wear them with socks! Everflex offers variations for little girls and young adults, which means there’s never a lack of sizes.




Open-toed sandals




Once again, these are a fantastic alternative to your standard styles. Our sandals are comfy kids’ school shoes with great grip, and have touch-fastening straps for security. Since students will wear these without socks, they can kiss heat-related discomfort goodbye for good! But, before you pick these kids’ school shoes up for your child, carefully check their dress code. Depending on how strict your child’s uniform regulations are, uncovered toes may not be welcome on the playground! However, if you can sneak these into your little student’s collection, then remember that they’d be a fantastic weekend pair too.




Give our summer kids’ school shoes a try this season!




Send your children into 2020 in the best pair! There are so kids’ school shoes for you to try, so come and get an up-close look at Everflex today.