Styles of Kids' School Shoes Perfect for the 2023 School Year!

It's that time of year again when students end their vacations and head back to class, and parents are preparing for the new academic year. So naturally, one of the essential items on the shopping list is a good pair of kids' school shoes. 

Their footwear must meet the essential characteristics to ensure your child will remain comfortable all day. No need to look far since Everflex school shoes are here!

The team at Everflex understands the criticality of providing children with footwear that can withstand the demands of the day while remaining supportive and durable to face everything thrown the child's way. 

Lucky for you, you need not look far, as the Everflex styles for school shoes keep your child's feet fresh and supported no matter what the day brings, whether running around the playground, walking to and from class, or simply sitting at their desk.

Let the team share everything you need about choosing the perfect Everflex school shoes for your child in 2023. It is the best way for your child to start the year right!


Everflex Styles of School Shoes Boys and Girls Can Appreciate

Not to sound boastful, but all the available Everflex styles are school shoes perfect for the 2023 academic year! Here are the kinds and how each uniquely provides support and comfort essential to making your child's learning experience the best!


Style 1—T-Bar

As the 2023 academic year approaches, T-bar school shoes are the perfect choice for parents looking for a shoe that is both comfortable and supportive. The T-bar style is popular among girls with higher insteps because the bar over the instep gives a lot of support.

The style of these school shoes is unique, featuring two straps running across the top of the foot, forming a T, and fastened with a buckle for a secure and adjustable fit. 

With a wide toe box, the T-bar promotes proper foot development and growth and provides ample space for the toes to move around!


Style 2—Mary Janes

Mary Jane school shoes are a classic and timeless style that girls can use to make their learning experience comfortable and safe in 2023. This style of footwear has been famous for years, and we bet most women have worn it at least once. 

With their open-top design, Mary Jane school shoes provide breathability, ensuring children's feet stay comfortable and fresh all day.

In addition, this kind uses a touch-fastening strap to keep it secure and ensure an adjustable fit that your kid can tighten or loosen as necessary.


Style 3—Pull-On Boots

As we head into the 2023 academic year, pull-on boots are the perfect kids' school shoes for young boys. In addition, parents prefer this footwear because it provides their children with comfort and support to get them through a busy day. 

These boots are easy to wear with no laces to tie, making them perfect for busy mornings when trying to hurry your kid out the door. 

In addition, these school shoes provide warmth for the feet and grip and traction on wet surfaces to keep your kid safe from accidental slips. 

Additionally, pull-on boots are the answer if you are looking for full coverage of the feet until the ankles. These school shoes prevent foreign objects from getting inside.


Style 4—Lace-Up

As we head into the 2023 academic year, we recommend lace-up school shoes for boys and girls because they have the ideal combination of support, durability, and convenience. Throw in affordability, as all Everflex footwear has a reasonable price. 

The laces run through a series of holes, or eyelets, on the vamp of the kids' school shoes, securing them in place. This style allows a more comfortable and secure fit tailored to the child's specific needs, especially if they have wide or narrow feet.


Style 5—Double Straps

Double-strap school shoes are an excellent option for girls and boys this 2023 academic year. This style is ideal for active children who spend a lot of time on their feet because of the two straps that fasten across the top of the foot via touch-fastening straps.

The children (and parents) will not have to worry about the school shoes coming off while playing with classmates. In addition, the touch-fastening straps are easy to use, which your kid can do single-handedly. 

But, first, they must press the two sides together to secure the kids' school shoes, which makes the hooks on one side of the strap interlock with the loops on the other, creating a secure and snug fit.


Helpful Tips to Prolong the Life of School Shoes

1. Regular cleaning 

Ensure you wipe down the school shoes with a damp cloth to remove dirt and debris. Then, use a mild cleaner or soap to remove any stains or scuff marks.


2. Proper drying

Avoid drying kids' school shoes in direct sunlight or near a heat source, which can cause the footwear to warp or shrink. Instead, stuff them with newspaper or a towel to help absorb moisture and air dry them.


3. Protect them from water

Constant exposure to water can damage the shoes, so make sure you use a waterproofing spray or wax.


4. Correct storage

Keep kids' school shoes in a cool, dry place, away from heat and direct sunlight. Avoid leaving them lying around where dust particles can attach to them.


5. Check them regularly

Keep an eye on the kids' school shoes' condition, look for any signs of wear and tear, and replace them when necessary. It's also good to maintain their lustre by using the instant shine available at Everflex.


Start the 2023 Academic Year Right!

Ensure your child's success this 2023 academic year by providing them with the best school shoes. The durable and comfortable styles at Everflex will take care of your child's feet, allowing them to focus on their tasks. 

Finding the right set of school shoes at Everflex Shoes is simple. Boys of all ages can find comfortable and supportive footwear in the wide selection of styles offered by the Everflex brand of school shoes. 

You can be confident that these long-lasting shoes will last you through the entire academic year, as they have been constructed to withstand the stresses of daily use.

These shoes' many benefits include safety features like reinforced soles and closed toes to keep your kid safe while they play and learn.

Finding the correct pair of shoes requires comparing several different brands. Brands like Asics, Harrison, Skechers, Clarks, Roc, and Nike are just some of the brands you can compare with the Everflex brand.

We've got you covered, whether you're after a sleek appearance, rugged construction, or robust backing. Why not stop by today and find your child the perfect set of school shoes by comparing them to well-known brands?

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