Strict School Uniform Policy? We Can Help!

Do you need kids’ school shoes that can suit a strict dress code? We know all about harsh uniform policies here at Everflex, and you can trust our range of kids’ school shoes and accessories to be up to the challenge! 


We’ve got the basics already covered!


While strict uniform policies for kids’ school shoes tend to be about teaching proper personal presentation, there are rules for their safety too. Even if it can seem like a bit of a hassle, it’s the same logic that means students need to wear hats to play outside in summer. Young children might find it annoying, but the rules are there to stop them from getting burned. You can apply the same vein of thought to kids’ school shoes with uncovered toes. While students can get sweaty feet from wearing socks and full-covered footwear during summer and spring, it’s the safest option for their feet.

Designs with uncovered toes leave gaps for rocks, sticks and other hazards to get into kids’ school shoes, and the exposed skin could get sunburnt after a recess or lunchtime out in the sunshine. But, while you won’t find Everflex designs with uncovered toes, we do have some summertime alternatives! 

Our Mary-Jane sandals are airy kids’ school shoes that will stop students from overheating and look great in the meantime! Most teachers will still expect students to wear these with socks, but the small laser cut-outs and partially-open top give these sandals that all-important airflow. Plus, since Mary-Jane styles have the same glossy material, rounded toes, and sleek shape as conventional kids’ school shoes, your child’s dress code shouldn’t exclude these as an option. 


Does the dress code rule out colourful sneakers?


Since your child’s regular uniform regulations are strict, there’s a good chance that will extend to sportswear and active kids’ school shoes too. If that’s the case, then you can say goodbye to the prospect of colourful sneakers. While students might not find our white and black trainer as exciting as their vibrant casual trainers, these will be the ideal kids’ school shoes for sports practices and PE classes. After all, the colour of your child’s footwear isn’t the most crucial aspect of them.

The most important features of active kids’ school shoes are supportive soles, long-lasting comfort, shock-absorbing padding, and anything that can protect feet during intense physical activities.  Everfex designs trainers and similar kids’ school shoes that can handle hours of fast-paced and high-impact activities, so your children can focus on having fun! 


Do teachers come down hard on dirty kids’ school shoes?


If your child’s teachers are strict about the dress code policy, then maintain the appearance of their uniform and kids’ school shoes will be part of that too. The last thing any parents want is to get a chiding note from a teacher or to find out their child got lunchtime detention because they looked untidy. Ironing uniforms is easy enough, but how do you clean up kids’ school shoes when your little ones get them dirty every day?

Here at Everflex, we have accessories that can keep your child’s pair in good order. Do the laces on your kids’ school shoes look awful because they’re fuzzy and fraying? Well, we’ve got packs of spares that you can replace them with easily! Do you want a cleaner than can get mud, dirt, and other mess off of the material? Everflex’s Instant Shine Sponge will bring back the shiny finish of your kids’ school shoes. 



Shop with confidence at Everflex! 


Don’t let your child’s uniform policy slow you down this season! Our kids’ school shoes and accessories have got students covered.