Starting School? Check Out Everflex!

Do you need help to find the right fit for your child? Since students spend so much of their week (and their year) wearing school shoes, their pair must be the correct size. And, while shopping online with Everflex is incredibly convenient for busy parents, it also means that you might have to test the fit of your child’s school shoes by yourself. Today, we’d like to talk you through our straightforward and time-tested method so you can check your kid’s pair confidently. Beyond that, we’ll also be offering some extra tips that should help guide you to the ideal school shoes.


First, get into a store if you can!


We know that pre-semester shopping crowds can be unforgiving. But, if you don’t want to take any risks with your child’s school shoes, then the best thing to do is have a professional check them over. Did you know that you could find Everflex’s school range in-store exclusively at Spendless Shoes? Head into your local store along with your little student and seek out our styles. Once you’ve found a pair of school shoes that you’re happy with, go and find one of the friendly team members and ask them to help you. Just remember to bring along your child’s uniform socks to wear while they get fitted so that there are no surprises afterwards. After all, a skinny pair of sock can be the difference between school shoes fitting perfectly or not if the sizing is close. Once you have a team member to assist you, your shopping trip should be smooth sailing!


How do you measure the fit of school shoes at home?


  1. Once your order arrives home, have your child put on their uniform socks with their new pair. Make sure that the laces, buckles, bands, or other fastenings are done up securely and comfortably. 
  2. Press down on the top of their school shoes. You should try and feel for the top of their longest toe. When school shoes fit correctly, there should be roughly a centimetre of space between the end of the style and your child’s longest toe. Once you’ve confirmed that the style gives them enough room, it’s time for the movement test.
  3. Get your to child stand up and do a few quick laps of the room. Watch the school shoes for any signs of slipping or sliding, as this will mean the size is too big. Ask your child if any places in their new pair feel too tight or loose while they’re moving. 


If no problems arise during these tests, then the school shoes are ready to go out! 


What do you do if there are issues?


Oversized school shoes are as bad as tight ones. If your child doesn’t have enough space in their new pair, then their feet could get sore, cramped, blistered, or all three. Likewise, loosely-fitting school shoes will make children trip, stumble, or leave them with blisters on the backs of their heels. All-in-all, it’s not fun.

The first thing you can do is exchange your school shoes for a larger size or get a refund. The process is super straightforward at Everflex— all that we ask is for proof of purchase when you contact us, so keep your invoice! 

Secondly, you could choose to fix your oversized school shoes with innersoles or other inserts. If the pair is only a little bit too big, then you can use Everflex innersoles to fill the extra space and keep your kids comfy until they grow into the style. Innersoles are a fast and easy solution, so we highly recommend this route. 


So, what do you think?


Are you ready to get your kids the ultimate school shoes in 2020?